‘Incredible Dr. Pol’ Veterinarian Dr. Ray Harp Has Parted Ways With Pol Veterinary Services: ‘I Don’t Work There Anymore’

The Incredible Dr. Pol veterinarian Dr. Ray Harp has left Pol Veterinary Services, according to the Nat Geo Wild program’s executive producer Charles Pol, and Harp himself.

Relatively new to the practice, Dr. Harp had become a fan favorite of the reality show. Here’s more on his departure from the clinic and where he’s headed now.

'The Incredible Dr. Pol' stars Diane Pol and veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol with a furry friend.
‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ stars Diane Pol and veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol with a furry friend |The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA via Getty Images

The veterinarian joined Dr. Pol’s clinic in recent years

Dr. Ray Harp came on board the staff of Pol Veterinary Services in July 2019. He explained why he decided to become a vet in a conversation with Dr. Pol and his son Charles (who is also the show’s executive producer) on their YouTube show Recheck. As it turns out, he and his wife regularly watched The Incredible Dr. Pol and it played a role in his decision.

“Well, when I was deciding whether or not I should go to vet school, we were actually watching Dr. Pol,” Harp said. “And my wife said, ‘I think you should just go ahead and apply. That looks like a lot of fun.’ So, that’s how I ended up going to vet school and I graduated. She had been checking the want ads for me and it turned out that Dr. Pol was hiring.”

Dr. Harp eventually earned his doctorate in veterinary medicine at Kansas State University and was hired by Dr. Pol.

“So we came up and visited and everything worked out and here we are,” he said.

Charles Pol confirmed Harp’s exit

In a recent Facebook Live event, Charles invited the show’s fans to ask him just about anything, and they did. From questions on Dr. Pol’s line of animal feed to queries about his family, the showrunner covered a wide range of topics.

One show fan inquired about Dr. Harp, asking Charles “Where’s Dr. Ray?”

“Great question,” Charles responded. “Dr. Ray actually left the clinic. He has moved on for kind of family reasons. We were really sad to see him go but we wish him the best. It’s one of those things, people move on for all different reasons and Dr. Ray had to move on for family reasons.”

For his part, Dr. Harp has said very little about his departure from the Michigan-based veterinary clinic. He did, however, post in May on his Instagram a photo with the location, “Manitou Springs, Colorado” and a caption reading, “Now all desert canyons all the time.” His bio on the social media account reads, “Dad and Veterinarian in Colorado, I was on “The Incredible Dr. Pol” TV show. No, I don’t work there anymore!”

Fans of the reality show reacted to Dr. Harp’s post saying, “You haven’t left doctor Pols have you??? Would miss seeing you” and “WOW I guess you left Dr. Pol’s Veterinary practice. You will be missed.”

Dr. Harp is still listed on the veterinary clinic’s website

Along with the bios of Dr. Pol, Dr. Brenda Grettenberger, Dr. Nicole Arcy, Dr. Lisa Jones, and other staff, Dr. Harp is still on the clinic’s website. His bio simply reads, “Associate Veterinarian; Dr. Ray Harp started at Pol Veterinary Services July 1st, 2019.”

We’ll have to wait and see if a new veterinarian will be brought into Dr. Pol’s clinic to make up for the loss of Dr. Harp.

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