Is ‘The Boys’ Star Erin Moriarty Single?

Fans of superheroes unite! Amazon Prime’s The Boys is a breakout hit along with its stellar ensemble cast.  One of those rising stars is Erin Moriarty, playing Annie January aka Starlight. Moriarty has had a handful of roles, but The Boys is definitely the one that puts her on the map. 

Who is Erin Moriarty?

Erin Moriarty
Erin Moriarty | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

According to The Netline, Moriarty grew up in New York City and deferred enrollment in college to pursue an acting career in LA. With limited acting experience, Moriarty landed her first major role in the soap opera One Life to Live. From there, she consistently picked up roles until she found her big break with The Boys.

Why ‘The Boys’ is so popular

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With superhero movies all the rage, Amazon Prime flipped that concept on its head and released a series that’s gritty and funny. Almost anti-superhero or at least a parody of it, The Boys has become the streaming giants highest-rated series according to Forbes

Often focusing on celebrity worship and how power corrupts, the show is about superheroes, nicknamed The Seven, abusing their privileges. A team called The Boys tries to reign them in and keep them in check. 

Moriarty plays the newest member of The Seven, Starlight, and struggles to fit in with the tight group. In an interview with CNET, she said she wanted to portray Starlight because she’s relatable.

She said: “Because even though she is a superhero, and she can blast lightning out of her hands, all the issues she’s dealing with are very human. A lot of young women go through what she’s going through in some way or another.”

Season two premieres on September 4th, with the first three episodes coming out that day. Each Friday after will include an hour-long episode until its finale, set for October 9th. But don’t despair — the series has been picked up for a third season.

Jensen Ackles, star of the long-running series Supernatural, is set to join the cast in the future.  Reuniting with Supernatural series creator Eric Kripke, he joked in a press release, “When I was a child, I had a crazy, impossible dream — to provide Jensen Ackles with gainful employment.” 

Those aren’t the only changes on tap. Moriarty told, “That’s where some really interesting storylines come in, like collaborating with characters and doing team-ups that you would never anticipate and exploring dynamics between her and Hughie.”

Sounds like Starlight and Hughie will have to work through some heavy feelings during season two. Should make for some great viewing!

Who is she dating?

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With her career skyrocketing, it’s only natural that people are curious about Moriarty’s dating life. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lot of personal information about the actress. Her Instagram account does feature pictures with Jacob Artist, an actor, and dancer, who she was rumored to be dating back in 2013. Those rumors were never confirmed, and she’s considered to be currently single.

The single life might not bother her too much as she told Just Jared: “I would rather hang out with my dog, George, than most humans.” She also claimed, “Contrary to what you’d assume given my job, I’m a total introvert.”

Sounds like we’ll just have to wait and see who this starlet has her eye on next or if she’ll keep things tight-lipped.

It seems like she’s much too busy focusing on her career to be looking for a relationship.  With a popular series that’s returning for another season, she’ll have her share of big roles to tend with in the future. Expect to hear about her for a long time to come.