It’s Kind of Obvious That Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Are Bound To Get Together on The ‘Harley Quinn’ Show

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are two of the most well-known DC comic characters, and one of the best duos. Whether they’re best friends or girlfriends, whenever the two doctors get together, it’s highly entertaining. That’s part of the reason why the DC Universe show Harley Quinn is so good; not only is Harley Quinn at her best, but her crew and Ivy are there to help her out. And her dynamic with Poison Ivy is so infectious; their chemistry jumps off the screen, whether it’s just playful or something more. 

For some viewers, their relationship doesn’t seem like it’s going to veer into romance territory. But when you watch the show, it’s kind of obvious that the two are bound to end up together. Here’s why. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for Harley Quinn Seasons 1 and 2].

Poison Ivy talks to Harley Quin after she gets out of Arkham Asylum.
Poison Ivy talks to Harley Quin after she gets out of Arkham Asylum | DC Universe/WBTV

They both want the best for each other

Ivy risks a lot to stick her neck out for Harley, especially when it comes to trying to convince her that the Joker is bad news. Not only is he an evil villain, but he also couldn’t care less about Harley. He constantly belittles her and only keeps her around for his enjoyment and benefit because she’s a good, smart fighter.  But when push comes to shove, he is out there only for himself.

It takes a lot of the first season, but Ivy constantly drills into Harley that she’s too good for him. And she really tries to hit home that the Joker wouldn’t do half the things Harley would for him. It’s a tough pill for Harley to follow, but it finally hits. 

On the opposite side of things, there’s Kite Man (Chuck), who’s very into Ivy. Harley isn’t so sure about the minor “villain” at first. He’s kind of dense, and she doesn’t know if he’s best for her best friend. But when he risks a lot to get Ivy an engagement ring, it really clicks for Harley that he’d be good to her Pam. She’s even rooting for them halfway through Season 2. 

Now, like some other points on this list, wanting the very best for someone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in love with them. But combined with their comic history and the other things on this list, it just might.  

Poison Ivy’s admitted she loves Harley, and vice versa

The great thing about DC comics is that even the villains are very complex and have backstories that show people don’t just wake up evil. Except for maybe Joker. Because of this, the villains in Harley Quinn can become pretty endearing.

Both Harley and Ivy have very troublesome family lives. Poison Ivy’s abusive father is the reason she hates literally all people. It was only when Harley showed that she cared for Ivy that the plant-loving villain opened up to her. This was even before she was “Harley Quinn” and it’s why Ivy ended up helping the psychologist out at Arkham.

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Poison Ivy expresses she loves Harley in Season 1 and then in Season 2 she talks about how she has so many people to care about. Ivy later says that she’s genuinely happy for the first time ever. It’s all thanks to Harley, although the crew and Kite Man are a major part of it. 

Even the addition of Kite Man as a love interest for Poison Ivy isn’t enough to dispel a future Harlivy relationship. The way that Harley and Ivy are written is reason enough to believe that they’ll end up together. Even though Ivy really cares for Kite Man, there’s an obvious difference between what she feels for him and what she feels for Harley. Harley understands Ivy better than anyone (including Chuck). He’s not selfish, but the selflessness Harley displays when it comes to Ivy is nothing short of deep love. And something Kite Man doesn’t top.

Harley saw that true love included sacrifice from Mr. Freeze, which she did for Ivy

For shippers or fans of Harley and Ivy, Episode 7 of Season 2 was a major turning point. Instead of just two women with amazing chemistry, audiences saw the culmination of their feelings in a kiss. 

When trying to escape Bane’s Pit prison, Harley and Ivy can’t make it out together. Bane is holding Harley back, and she remembers what she saw between Mr. Freeze and his wife. In order for Nora to live, Mr. Freeze had to give up his life. When Harley said that was insane, Mr. Freeze said it wasn’t. “When you truly love someone, you would do anything for them,” he said. 

So, Harley sacrificed herself so Ivy could survive. It truly is one of the best moments in the whole series so far, with Harley being so ready to die, happy that her friend would get the life she deserves. It ends with Ivy still saving Harley, and the two share a shocked kiss. 

Harley wants Ivy to be happy, even if that means shutting down her own feelings

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Some fans still thought that the shocked kiss was just that; out of stress and relief that they both survived. But it was truly just the culmination of their relationship so far. Harley was going to give the ultimate sacrifice for the woman she loved. Because in the end, she just wants Ivy to be happy. 

That’s why, in the most recent episode (Episode 8), Harley is trying to fill the void in her heart that she doesn’t know is there. She wages war on Gotham, but when Ivy asks if that’s really what she wants, Harley cancels her world domination. Because Harley doesn’t want that; what Harley Quinn wants is Poison Ivy. 

However, Ivy and Kite Man are still engaged, and Harley sees they still love each other. So she zips her mouth about her feelings, and doesn’t tell Ivy that she’s in love with her. Just like what she did at the Pit, Harley is sacrificing her own happiness for Ivy’s. Only time will tell if the writing is truly putting these two together.

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