Jamie Lee Curtis Assumed Ana de Armas Just Arrived From Cuba: ‘Sounds Like Her Character in ‘Knives Out’

Knives Out actors Jamie Lee Curtis and Ana de Armas both understand how to command presence on the silver screen. However, first impressions in Hollywood aren’t always the greatest indicator of judging a person’s acting abilities. Curtis is coming under fire on social media after admitting that she assumed de Armas just arrived from Cuba when they filmed Knives Out.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Ana de Armas co-starred in ‘Knives Out’

'Knives Out' actors Ana de Armas and Jamie Lee Curtis sitting next to each other at a table smiling, hugging each other.
L-R: Ana de Armas and Jamie Lee Curtis | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AFI

Curtis and de Armas shared the screen together in Rian Johnson’s 2019 crime comedy, Knives Out. The film went on to earn an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay, although it lost the gold statue to Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite.

Knives Out follows a detective named Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), who begins to investigate the death of a wealthy patriarch named Harlan (Christopher Plummer). However, his entire family appears to gain advantage from his death and the detective plans to get to the bottom of it. His nurse, Marta (de Armas), must navigate Harlan’s eccentric family, including Linda (Curtis), who are willing to do anything to get their hands on their patriarch’s fortune.

Jamie Lee Curtis initially thought Ana de Armas just arrived from Cuba when filming ‘Knives Out’

In an interview with Elle, Curtis had a lot to say about her first impression of de Armas when filming Knives Out. Her initial opinions were certainly quite negative, although her feelings turned around after seeing how talented her co-star was.

“I assumed—and I say this with real embarrassment—because she had come from Cuba, that she had just arrived,” Curtis said. “I made an assumption that she was an inexperienced, unsophisticated young woman. That first day, I was like, ‘Oh, what are your dreams?’”

Curtis offered to introduce de Armas to Steven Spielberg to potentially play Maria in West Side Story, or for her to meet her godchildren, Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal. However, de Armas already had her own Hollywood connections and knew Jake rather well. Further, Curtis explained that her Knives Out co-star comes off differently to the public than how she actually is.

“She is not as fancy as maybe the advertisements would have you believe,” Curtis said. “She leans in, interested; talking to her is kind of give-and-take. She’s curious and asks a lot of questions.”

Social media thinks the actor sounds like her character from the movie

Twitter is slamming Curtis for her statements regarding de Armas. They believe that these are opinions that are better left unsaid. One of the most “liked” comments stated: “Not her actually sounding like her character in Knives Out.” Linda is the eldest of Harlan’s children and is short-tempered with plenty of her own prejudices and biases.

Another Twitter comment suggested that Michael Myers was actually the hero in the Halloween franchise.

De Armas certainly made a big break into the Hollywood scene and continues to impress others aside from Curtis. However, it’s clear that the public is against industry first impressions that go beyond feelings of one’s talent.

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