Jennifer Aniston Says Brad Pitt Had ‘Strong Opinions’ on Home Design

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married from 2000 until 2005. During their marriage, they learned to face paparazzi as a couple and handle tabloidy headlines at every turn. Their romance was front and center for the world to consume and comment on. Every word they uttered was analyzed, contemplated, and regurgitated. And, fascination surrounding their past romance is still alive and well. 

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
Actress Jennifer Aniston and actor Brad Pitt attend ‘The Mexican’ Westwood Premiere | Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Their reunion at the SAG Awards this year drew quite a response, as they seemed comfortable and happy in each other’s presence. During their marriage, they were asked about one another quite often. As a result, they shared details about their relationship with the public that most couples get to keep private. 

Aniston explained to W Magazine a while back that Pitt has “strong opinions” regarding home design and all the aesthetics involved. Though she had her own opinions on how a house should be constructed, they compromised. 

Jennifer Aniston admired Brad Pitt’s strong opinions 

Aniston told W Magazine that she and Pitt had to compromise when it came to their homes. She said: 

“He definitely has strong opinions about aesthetics, and I admire that so much…It’s hard, though, because the one thing I thought I could do well was put homes together, but it’s something that really matters to him, so we’ve learned to make decisions that we both feel good about. And I actually think our marriage is even better now because we’ve been through this stuff. We’ve settled in; we’ve survived the whole house-construction aspect, and that’s a big thing. It’s not always easy. It takes work.”

Aniston | W Magazine

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Aniston explained that marriage, and all the various day-to-day activities that define such, require compromise. And, though she and Pitt didn’t always agree about how to “put homes together,” they emerged from the process even stronger, explained Aniston. 

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t trust couples who don’t fight; she and Pitt did

Aniston went on to explain that she and Pitt fought but in a more conversational manner. Aniston always felt that Pitt’s kindness was one of his greatest assets. Yet, she doesn’t trust couples that never disagree. She shared: 

“We do fight…Well, we have discussions. I am not a fan of fighting when it is screaming. I like accomplishing something. But I don’t trust a couple that says they don’t fight…

Aniston | W Magazine

Aniston commented on Pitt’s kind and warm nature. She said:

“He’ll hate me for saying that…but when you grow up in a family where people are not always very kind to each other, you realize how important that is.”

Aniston | W Magazine

Though Pitt and Aniston did not remain together in the end, they clearly had a loving relationship for many years.