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It’s that time of year on Jeopardy!, when the regular season has ended and there are several weeks before the start of the new season.

What to do? The show’s staff has cleverly chosen favorite nailbiter games that will take viewers back to some of the legendary program’s best moments.

A familiar sight to 'Jeopardy!' fans: the quiz show's game board clues.
The ‘Jeopardy!’ game board | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

‘Jeopardy!’ just made a huge announcement

Executive producer Michael Davies recently wrote on the program’s website about the quiz show’s “new hosts and initiatives.”

“I write today with the exciting news that we have closed and signed deals with Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings to be the hosts of Jeopardy! moving forward,” Davies began. “The fact is, we have so much Jeopardy! to make, and so many plans for the future, that we always knew we would need multiple hosts for the franchise and we are just so grateful that Mayim and Ken stepped in and stepped up to put the show in a position to succeed. And succeed it has.”

Davies went on to note, with no small amount of pride, that the iconic program is truly in a league all its own.

“With Mayim and Ken hosting, the show is considerably up in viewership year over year, with more than 27M viewers tuning in each week this season,” he continued. “When you consider that almost every other show in broadcast television and syndication is declining, this has been a quite remarkable season: we’re the most-watched entertainment show on all of television. Yes, all of television.”

The show’s executive producer announced post-season reruns

And now that the program’s season has ended and there’s nothing to do but wait until September for the next one, the producer revealed that he and the show’s staff had fun choosing some of their “favorite” Jeopardy! episodes to air in the meantime.

“Repeat season is upon us,” Davies wrote. “But instead of repeating our tournaments as we have in the past, this year, my fellow producers and I have handpicked six weeks of some of our favorite episodes of the season, featuring our closest games, super-champions, and some of the people who will be announced as part of our inaugural Second Chance competition.”


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Matt Amodio is featuring big on ‘Jeopardy!’ reruns

Among those past games being replayed in the “off-season” are a few with 38-game winner Matt Amodio. The Yale doctoral student took home $1.5 million in winnings in 2021, dazzling viewers with his seemingly bottomless well of knowledge and impressive domination of the buzzer.

About the show that turned out to be his last, Amodio told The Washington Post, “I got off to an early good start, but Double Jeopardy! went terribly for me. I was pretty soundly defeated. It was weird because, in previous games, there were stretches where I lost the timing of the buzzer, but it was early enough in the games where the dollar values weren’t so high that I could recover later. … It had never been that long a stretch during a crucial point of time in the game.”