‘Jeopardy’: Fan Demands for Alex Trebek’s Successor Include Bryan Cranston, Paul F. Tompkins and More

Alex Trebek will forever reign as one of the most popular game show hosts. His dignified bearing and soothing, baritone voice have become nearly as iconic as the Jeopardy! theme music and generations of fans have grown up watching Trebek on television.

Sadly, Trebek has been going through some serious health problems and the possibility that he will have to leave the show in the near future has been looming for close to a year. Fans have very strong opinions about who should replace the great Trebek on Jeopardy!, and recently chatted on a Reddit thread about the best candidate for the job. 

Alex Trebek has been hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ since 1984

Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

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When Trebek was brought on board to host Jeopardy! the show had already been around for two decades. The game show had been through several incarnations, including nighttime syndication, but nothing really seemed to stick — including the show’s host. Finally, showrunners hired Trebek in 1984, and his presence served as a game-changer.

Trebek, a veteran of television as well as game shows in general, had the perfect demeanor for such a show, and he quickly became a fan favorite. Over the years, Trebek has become a pop culture icon and has been spoofed by many comedians, including Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live.

Although he has appeared on many other television shows over the years, Jeopardy! has been his primary focus since 1984. 

Alex Trebek has been undergoing health issues

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Over the years, Trebek has had his share of health issues. In 2007, he suffered a heart attack, followed by yet another heart attack in 2012. Other incidents occurred in the years from 2012 through 2018, some requiring hospitalization and even surgery— but Trebek has always been able to bounce back and resume his hosting duties.

Still, in early 2019, the host revealed to his viewers that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and that his prognosis wasn’t good.

In spite of the grim outlook, Trebek fought valiantly against the aggressive disease, and, in early 2020, he revealed that he had successfully undergone a year of cancer treatments. He also announced his intention to keep fighting and told his fans that he would still be around to host the show that meant so much to him for at least the immediate future. 

Who do fans want to replace Alex Trebek?

Although Trebek has stated that retirement is not in his short-term plan, he did admit that he has been giving some thought as to who should replace him on Jeopardy! Trebek himself has tossed out names such as CNN Legal Analyst Laura Coates and Ken Jennings, the winningest Jeopardy! contestant of all, but fans definitely have their own opinions as to who should pick up the iconic host’s mantle.

In a recent Reddit thread, fans discussed who should be the one to eventually replace Trebek, with big-name stars like Bryan Cranston and Christopher Walken mentioned as potential new hosts. Fans also like the idea of Ken Jennings, Ann Curry, David Faber, and Paul F. Tompkins. Other posters suggested LeVar Burton and John Hodgman. One thing that fans were all in agreement on is the fact that Jeopardy! requires a more “intellectual” type of host, rather than a pure entertainer. 

It is clear that no one wants Trebek to step away from the role that he made so famous — and when the time comes, fans will definitely be taking the matter of his replacement very seriously.