Jeremy Allen White Was Relieved When ‘Shameless’ Ended

Jeremy Allen White has been attached to two highly successful shows in his career. The actor rose to fame thanks to his long-running stint on Shameless. While many people loved his character and the show, White got to a place where he felt drained by it. The actor recently said he was relieved when Shameless ended.

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Jeremy Allen White | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jeremy Allen White played the cynical Lip Gallagher for 10 years

Shameless follows the poor and dysfunctional Gallagher family headed by Frank, a neglectful father who leaves his children to their own devices as he indulges in misadventures while drunk and high.

Phillip ‘Lip’ Gallagher is depicted as a cynical but brilliant student who deliberately downplays his abilities. As a straight A student with a high GPA, he uses his academic excellence and mechanical skills to make money for his family, often engaging in criminal activities like selling marijuana and taking SATs for other students to make ends meet.

Jeremy Allen White was relieved when ‘Shameless’ ended

Shameless ran for 11 seasons and became Showtime’s longest-running original scripted series. The first episode debuted in January 2011 and ended on April 11, 2021. Although the show helped White make a name for himself, he recently revealed that he felt relieved when it ended.

Speaking to GQ, White said, “I love Shameless so much. I love everybody that was a part of it, and the experience was incredible. But I’m not sure if shows are meant to go that long.” White, however, expressed his gratitude for the show and its impact on his life.

He said, “I was learning a lot about how to behave as a person outside of an actor. We learned how to be, I think, decent people on that show too.”

Still, White felt unsure of himself. “There was a period where I stopped feeling like an actor, and I started feeling like I was just here to do this show,” he told the outlet.

“It was an upsetting headspace to be in. When was it going to end? I was questioning: Maybe I do just exist on this show. What else is there? Am I an actor? I was definitely having a lot of doubt when I was finishing Shameless.”


Jeremy Allen White is now a chef on Hulu’s ‘The Bear’

Shortly after stepping out of his role on Shameless, White landed yet another career-defining role on FX Hulu’s The Bear. The show follows a James Beard Award-winning chef, Carmy, who leaves his high-end culinary career behind to take over his brother’s Italian beef restaurant’s operations.

However, things aren’t as clear-cut as they seem as he has to deal with a barrage of issues from stubborn employees to a terrible health inspection score and a toilet disaster. To top it all off, Carmy struggles with grief as he tries to process his brother’s death.

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