Jeremy Allen White Says His Character in ‘The Bear’ is the ‘Least Sexual Person’: ‘Carmy Does Not F—-‘

Unexpectedly, The Bear has become a summer television smash. The tale of a fine-dining chef striving to save his Chicagoland family sandwich business has a lot to offer. It’s an acclaimed show with talented actors, an excellent soundtrack, and a short first season that’s perfect for a weekend binge.

Jeremy Allen White smiling
Jeremy Allen White | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

However, it’s funny how The Bear has spawned a lust-inspired internet craze that has nothing to do with the show.

The Bear‘ is Hulu’s newest summer hit

In the aftermath of his brother’s death, Carmen (Jeremy Allen White), a talented young chef, goes home to operate his family’s Chicago sandwich restaurant. In the past, he was a rising star in fine dining restaurants where food was served with tweezers.

Manhandling large, sloppy chunks of meat is a huge part of this job, as is trying to keep up with rising obligations. Unlike Shameless, White is able to show off more muscles. White’s Carmy has become a kind of meme for a specific type of restaurant worker that people are drawn to, according to the show’s positive reviews.

White’s views that Carmy ‘is the least sexual person

White’s portrayal of Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, the show’s protagonist, has been the subject of much discussion since its release, and it’s not just because of the 90 percent Wilco soundtrack. With the show garnered rave reviews, Carmy and Lip have many similarities — particularly their attractiveness to fans — but also significant differences.

The main difference is his Shameless character as romantic and sexually active and now the chef with completely no lust for sex. “Carmy does not f—,” White insisted in an interview with GQ. White continued, “there is zero romance, let alone sex, onscreen.” During the eight episodes of The Bear’s first season at warp speed, Carmy did not engage in any sexual activity.

White’s feelings about the attention 

White has an opinion on the attention he’s received. While he doesn’t have a social media account, White explains on GQ, “We do have a text group for the show, and they are making me aware of it.” He admitted this is embarrassing and humiliating for him. However, he states that he’s starting to grasp it and explained that having a strong will to succeed is what he finds appealing in individuals.

White says, “I understand people having a crush on Carmy. I think I have a bit of a crush on Carmy … Carmy’s, like, the least sexual person,” White added. He acknowledged that he was very aware when portraying him as incapable of loving from the beginning.

However, since White played Phillip “Lip” Gallagher on Shameless, it’s reasonable to presume that Carmy would work similarly in this show. This may not be Carmy some may want, but something about a man doing his best to put his life back together is clearly appealing to fans. Whether or whether Carmy will have sex in Season 2 is an open question fans are sure to have.

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