Jeremy Renner Was a Makeup Artist Before Becoming a Movie Star, Says He Can Still Do a Smokey Eye

Jeremy Renner is a celebrated actor famous for his role of Hawkeye in the Marvel films. The dramatic actor has featured in blockbuster movies, portraying a charismatic yet thrilling character.

After years of engaging in odd jobs, Renner managed to gain popularity on the dark-themed shows. Initially, he intended to pursue a career as a computer scientist, but his acting prowess became apparent during his college years.

Jeremy Renner attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 26, 2017 in Hollywood, California.
Jeremy Renner | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jeremy Renner’s past before becoming a movie star included minor roles

Renner is a 50-year-old actor who was born in California. He attended Modesto Training College, where his acting career kicked off in the mid-nineties. He debuted in the acting industry through a minor role in the 90s show, National Lampoon’s Senior Trip.

In the 2000s, Renner was featured in other movies such as 28 Weeks Later and Jesse James’s Assassination by the Coward Robert Ford. He received multiple award nominations for his charming and acting mastery skills.

In 2011, Renner made a debut as Hawkeye in Marvel’s show Thor. He also featured in other blockbuster movies, including; The Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: Civil War, and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Other remarkable roles Renner played that made him a superstar are The Hurt Locker and The Town.

Renner as a makeup artist

Renner confessed that he was a makeup artist before featuring in the franchise movies. He told Elle that he had mastered the art of mascara and eyeliner. Fans on Reddit were intrigued by his past and praised the former makeup artist.

At CinemaCon 2012, he revealed to Billy Bush that he took up the makeup artist role to make ends meet prior to his acclaimed role in The Hurt Locker. ”[I was] as a makeup artist,” Renner told Bush. “I could do makeup because I did theater… I couple paint and I could draw, so I’m like, ‘OK, I’ll do makeup on girls all day… It bought me a lot of free time to go audition when I needed to because I only had to work a few hours a week. I didn’t have to wait tables, so it was actually a great gig.”

He jokingly told Bush that he can still correctly do a smokey eye.

Renner shares makeup tips on Ellen Show

In 2010 during the Ellen Show, Renner surprised his fans by revealing his professionalism as a makeup artist. During his theater days, rather than waiting tables during auditions, he did makeup on women. 

According to Renner, professional makeup primarily involves working meticulously on the lips, brows, and lashes. For a gorgeous look, a makeup artist must master the skills of drastically changing the client’s look through the right techniques.

Other celebrities who have worked odd jobs

Renner is not the only A-list celebrity to have worked odd jobs before fame. Johnny Depp was a terrible salesman before turning into a heartthrob actor. He used to sell ballpoint pens over the phone, during the sales process; he incorporated clever lies to lure clients into buying his products.

Whoopi Goldberg was a mortuary beautician. Her role involved making the dead presentable before burial or incrimination. She landed the job since she was a licensed beautician with remarkable skills. Later, she debuted in the acting industry and was featured as a psychic in the movie known as Ghost. The role led to her prominence, and she managed to secure a winning at the Oscar.

Jon Hamm was a dresser for an unnamed porn film. He also worked as a high school teacher before starring in the Mad Men film. His rise to stardom was astonishing since his early life was filled with struggles and odd jobs.

Channing Tatum did not finish his studies; he dropped out of school and did not graduate from the University of South Florida. He was a party animal, and at one instance, became a stripper. He lived an exotic lifestyle before becoming a celebrated actor. In 2006, Tatum received a breakthrough in his acting career after featuring in the dance movie Step Up; the platform introduced him to a larger audience and remarkable popularity.