Jill Duggar Is Stepping Even Further Away From Her Family This Summer With Sleeveless Tops and Self-Tanner

Those who’ve watched the Duggars over the years are well-aware of the strict rules. From covering up their knees to not allowing any of their kids to hold hands during courtships, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar believe all of their rules help their children get closer to God. But it’s Jill Duggar who’s stepping away from her parents’ rules now.

Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, have notoriously stepped away from Jill’s famous family. While Derick’s no stranger to speaking out on Jill’s behalf, Jill seems to have her own subtle ways of taking a stand. And she’s proving she lives by her own rules with her summer looks, as they include sleeveless tops and self-tanner.

The Duggars had strict rules regarding dress code growing up

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Growing up as a Duggar meant abiding by the seriously strict household rules. And a major head-scratcher for fans was always the dress code. Jim Bob and Michelle explained they wanted their girls to cover themselves by wearing long skirts that hit below the knee and high-neckline shirts that cover the shoulders. This is because they didn’t want to “defraud” the men around them.

“My kids are taught the definition of defrauding as stirring up desires that cannot be righteously fulfilled,” Michelle explained. “We don’t believe in defrauding others by the way we dress.”

Since then, we’ve seen many of the adult Duggar women take on styles of their own, and many choose to wear pants despite Michelle’s advice. But the girls who still live under their parents’ roof abide by the code, even at the beach.

Jill Duggar is showing off bare shoulders and self-tanner

We know Jill has a nose piercing and wears pants on occasion. But it looks like Jill is taking major leaps away from her family’s dress code for summer 2020. On May 24, she added a photo of herself and her son, Israel, eating Twizzlers. And the top she’s wearing shows off her shoulders.

Not only that, but she also started asking her Instagram followers for advice when it comes to self-tanner. She set up a poll for her Instagram fans regarding the best sunless tanning lotion to use, and she then updated her followers on the results.

“I got tons of recommendations. It was so helpful,” she expressed. And Jill then explained that she tried out Jergen’s sunless tanner wipes — but they turned out to not be to her liking. “I did it last night — very splotchy. … I have a feeling that the cream would’ve been a bigger success. Plus, I went a little dark. … I probably should’ve started lighter. Just wanted to update ya’ll because a lot of ya’ll were saying, ‘let me know how it goes.'”

Family critics think she’s purposely showing off her new look

Those who’ve been following Jill are very aware of her husband’s drama. Derick expressed to his Instagram followers that he and Jill were pressured to stay on Counting On despite Jill not wanting to. And he also said that Jill needs Jim Bob’s permission to go to the Duggar family home while the rest of her siblings can come and go as they please. This has many followers assuming Jill’s summer look might be a direct jab at her disapproving parents.

“This is actually a nice photo. They both look normal and happy. I wonder if her family can see the difference?” a Reddit user noted of Jill’s photo of her in a tank top with Israel by her side.

“Someone else commented the other day on a post about Derrick not caring if Jill wears pants, he just wants her to do what she wants and what Jill wants is to wear pants,” another wrote. “I do think she really just wants to be a messy, fun, hippie mum who wears jeans, messy fun buns, and buys things that make HER happy.”

“She went from wearing a short sleeved tshirt under that romper to wearing this sports bra or tank top. Love it!!!” another wrote.

We’re glad Jill is looking happier and healthier than ever — and we’re hoping she can find the perfect self-tanner soon!

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