Jill Duggar Told a Follower She Doesn’t Have Advice About Homeschooling: ‘Not Sure I Have Much to Offer’

Duggar fans and critics alike are more proud of Jill Duggar than ever before. Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, took a huge leap away from Jill’s famous family when they decided they would send their kids to public school. And now, fans are learning more and more about Israel’s first day of kindergarten, as Jill’s posted plenty of updates to Instagram.

Jill also commented back to a fan on Instagram, too. But she told them she doesn’t have any good homeschooling advice for them after they asked. Here’s what she said.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard sent their son to public school

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar chose to homeschool all 19 of their children due to their religious beliefs. But it seems Jill’s not taking that route. While many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s older kids are also choosing the homeschooling path, Jill and Derick have made it known they’re separating from the pack and going their own way. And Jill’s been excitedly posting about her son’s first day of school for quite awhile now.

“Happy first day of school for these two!” she captioned her Instagram post showing Israel and Derick together. “1st day of Kindergarten for Israel and 1st day of last year of law school for Derick!” 

Prior to this post, she added a video to the Dillard Family blog that showed the whole family going to get school supplies for Israel, too. While the little boy was excited about kindergarten, Jill seemed just as happy to see her son embark on a new adventure.

A follower asked Jill for advice about homeschooling, and Jill answered

We imagine public school wasn’t an easy decision for Jill to settle on. There’s no doubt Israel will be learning about a number of subjects that were never touched on in the Duggar household when Jill was growing up. And since Jill was one of the older siblings in the house, she also certainly helped the younger kids do their schoolwork and learn as well.

One of Jill’s fans took to her Instagram post of Israel’s first day and asked Jill for some advice — but they asked her to advise them on homeschooling tactics.

“Have an amazing day Compadre and babies,” the follower commented. “Comadre, take a day to yourself. I’m gonna need all the advice I can with Aivah and Joshua on their virtual/home schooling journey!!!”

To that, Jill responded, “Aww. Thanks. Haha not sure I have much to offer but I’m sure they’ll do great! ;-) Lots of snacks and playtime breaks haha.”

Duggar family critics think Jill’s response shows serious personal growth


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It seems Jill’s perfectly willing to admit that she doesn’t know everything and can’t necessarily offer advice on homeschooling or virtual learning. And Duggar family critics think this shows serious growth on Jill’s part.

“Honestly good for her for recognizing that she has gaps in her knowledge! And wanting her sons to get a full education,” one Reddit user noted.

“You go Jill. Admiting she doesn’t know if she can homeschool is a huge step,” another wrote.

“Jill with some self-awareness,” yet another added. “Not something Duggars are known for.”

Many others are hoping Jill will take steps toward her own education now, too. “I really hope she finds some adult Ed programs in her area,” another Reddit user added. “She deserves to grow and finally get an education.”

We’re extremely excited for Jill and happy for the Dillard family as Israel enters the school system!

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