John Lennon’s Son Said 1 of the Former Beatle’s Songs Is Sexy

John Lennon‘s son, Sean Ono Lennon, has issues with songs from one of the former Beatle’s albums. Despite this, he chose a favorite track from the album. Sean described the song as “sexy” and explained why he feels it works in the context of the album.

The Beatles' John Lennon with a guitar
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John Lennon’s son has issues with songs from of 1 of the former Beatle’s albums

During a 2020 interview with Rolling Stone, Sean discussed many of his father’s solo songs. He mentioned Double Fantasy, the final album his father released before his death. Sean said Double Fantasy was not one of his favorite albums from a production standpoint.

Sean said the drums on Double Fantasy sound a certain way because the album was recorded at the end of the 1970s. He felt the drums from the record sounded slick. He said it was difficult to choose a favorite song from Double Fantasy. While Sean wanted to be polite, he said he didn’t have to “like everything.”

John Lennon's son, Sean Ono Lennon, putting his hands behind his head
John Lennon’s son, Sean Ono Lennon | Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images

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Sean Lennon likes a song from ‘Double Fantasy’ that’s about a relationship going downhill

Sean praised one of the songs from Double Fantasy: “I’m Losing You.” “So long story short, ‘I’m Losing You’ is one of the sexiest songs on the record,” he opined. “It’s minor. He sounds cool when he’s singing. It’s moody and it’s cool. He opens with that kind of throat-growl thing.

“I also think for an album that most people assume is this fairy-tale idea of a perfect couple, the reason it’s a cool record still is because my dad put ‘I’m Losing You’ on it, which is not a story of two people just being happy,” Sean added. “It’s the feeling of losing the relationship. And then it’s followed by ‘I’m Moving On,’ a song my mom wrote about the same kind of thing. So I think that makes it a great album.”

Sean discussed what he saw as the positive aspects of Double Fantasy. “It’s not a Hallmark postcard about an impossibly perfect relationship,” he said. “It’s actually very much in their character as being very honest people. It’s about love, but it’s also about how hard it can be.”

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How John Lennon’s ‘Double Fantasy’ performed on the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom

“I’m Losing You” was not a single so it did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100. On the other hand, Double Fantasy became a huge hit. For eight of its 77 weeks on the Billboard 200, the album topped the chart.

The Official Charts Company reports “I’m Losing You” did not chart in the United Kingdom either. Meanwhile, Double Fantasy was popular in the U.K. The album topped the chart for two weeks. It stayed on the chart for 36 weeks.

Sean thinks “I’m Losing You” is sexy even if he has issues with Double Fantasy.

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