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The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial continues to heat up. However, it’s also earned plenty of laughs both inside and outside of the courtroom. Heard’s legal team has been the butt of a joke that even Depp can’t resist making fun of. Here’s how Depp earned laughs over comments surrounding hearsay.

‘Hearsay’ keeps coming up in the Johnny Depp testimony — what is hearsay?

Johnny Depp testifies, wearing a blue suit and holding his sunglasses, at his trial versus Amber Heard. Depp joked about hearsay while on the stand.
Johnny Depp | Steve Helber/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

Depp spent quite a bit of time on the stand testifying against his ex-wife, Heard. Her legal team objected to many of his statements on the claim of hearsay. According to Cornell Law School, “Hearsay is an out-of-court statement offered to prove the truth of whatever it asserts.” These statements are inadmissible as trial evidence because there is no actual proof to back them up.

Social media mocked Heard’s lawyer for his constant objections aimed at Depp regarding hearsay. Many posts are backing Depp and saying his ex-wife’s legal team has had an embarrassing showing at the trial. But the case isn’t over just yet.

Johnny Depp made the courtroom laugh over ‘hearsay’ comments

The Law&Crime Network Twitter account posted a courtroom moment involving hearsay in the Depp v. Heard trial. The defense tried to explain that Depp had negative publicity before Heard wrote her op-ed to try and poke holes in the actor’s case.

“The next article from May 10, 2017, is entitled ‘Johnny Depp: A Star in Crisis and the Insane Story of His Missing Millions,'” Heard’s lawyer Ben Rottenborn said. “Did I read that write?”

Depp didn’t deny the title of the story.

“The next article, also from May 10, 2017,” Rottenborn continued. “A year and a half before the op-ed was published says, ‘Johnny Depp Reportedly Drank Heavily and Was Constantly Late on the new Pirates Movie Set.’ Did I read that right?”

“You did,” Depp responded, though he didn’t declare hearsay. “‘Reportedly.’ This is a pathetic attempt.”

Nevertheless, Rottenborn continued: “The next document, an article published in Vanity Fair on May 10, 2017, is entitled, ‘Johnny Depp’s Financial Woes Might Sink the Next Pirates of the Caribbean.’ Did I read that right?”

Depp responded: “You did. I don’t know how financial woes would do that.”

“May 25, 2017,” Rottenborn said. “A year and a half before the op-ed was published. An article entitled, ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong for Johnny Depp? After a String of Flops and a Ton of Bad Press, Johnny Depp’s Star Power Looks as Wobbly as Jack Sparrow on a Plank.’ Did I read that right?”

“You read that very, very well,” Depp responded, creating some laughs from the court.

Rottenborn followed up: “The next one, Hollywood Reporter, May 27, 2017. Headline, ‘Pirates of Caribbean: The Diminishing Returns of Johnny Depp.’ Did I read that right?”

“You did,” Depp said. “Hollywood Reporter was very nice to me at the time.”

“July 12, 2017,” Rottenborn said. “‘Why Are All of Johnny Depp’s Movies Bombing at the Box Office?’ Did I read that right?”

“You certainly did,” Depp replied.

“Nov. 4, 2017,” Rottenborn said. “A year and a month before Amber published the op-ed. Headline, ‘Johnny Depp Allegedly Showed Up Drunk to Movie Premiere, Reports Say.'”

“‘Reports say,'” Depp repeated and declared hearsay himself. “This is hearsay, is it not? Your favorite word.”

Amber Heard fired her PR team after bad publicity


How Did Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Meet? The Trial Reveals First Movie Set Interactions

Heard is getting a lot of negative publicity throughout her trial with Depp. As a result, she decided to make some changes to her team. The New York Post reported that the public’s reaction upset the actor, so she quickly switched to a new PR team. She will be taking the stand this week, so this is clearly an attempt to turn the tables in the public discourse.

The actor was working with Precision Strategies, which was co-founded by an ex-Obama adviser and deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter. David Shane leads her new PR team, which has worked against Depp in the past.