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We’ve been watching the Duggar family for years, and it’s all thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The couple brought their 19 children into the spotlight over the years, and fans have been mesmerized by their strict rules, odd courtships, and intensely religious way of life. Now, Counting On is back for yet another season starting in June, and many Duggar family favorites are slated for a reappearance.

Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, have been staples on Counting On over the seasons. Now, Joy-Anna has even more to share with fans, as she’s pregnant with a little girl. But it looks like she might be stepping away from the show altogether. Here’s what’s been reported.

‘Counting On’ is back with a new season

It looks like the upcoming season of Counting On is focusing heavily on Duggar family pregnancies. Currently, we know Jinger and Joy-Anna are pregnant. Joy-Anna is quite far along, while Jinger just announced her pregnancy via Instagram on May 27. And it looks like Jinger’s past miscarriage last fall may also be a major plot point for the season.

At the time the show was filming, though, many other Duggar women were pregnant. “There are five girls pregnant right now,” Jessa tells the cameras in the TLC sneak peek. From there, we see Jessa’s referring to Anna, Kendra, Joy-Anna, Lauren, and Abbie Duggar. As of May 2020, we know Anna, Kendra, Lauren, and Abbie have all given birth.

The new season begins June 30, so we’ll have to wait and see how everything unfolds then.

Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with baby No. 2

Joy-Anna is doing very well developing her own presence on Instagram. Fans adore all of the photos she posts of Austin and their son, Gideon — and her regular updates on both her pregnancy and her house-building ventures also get a ton of attention. Now, Austin also has his own Instagram, so Joy-Anna seems to be taking over their original Instagram and their family YouTube channel.

As for what’s going on with Joy and Austin now, they’re preparing for their little girl. We know the couple had a devastating miscarriage prior to the current pregnancy, so they’re over the moon to be expecting once again. And they’re sharing all the details of the current pregnancy with their followers via YouTube and Instagram.

“Yes… it’s true! @austin4site and I are PREGNANT again!” Joy-Anna captioned her Instagram post on March 18. Since then, she posted another update at 25 weeks showing off her baby bump. “We’re not deciding on a name until she’s born, but she is already our little princess!” she noted.

She and Austin Forsyth are reportedly leaving the show behind


Joy-Anna Duggar’s Sisters Are All Reaching Out After She Announced Her Pregnancy

Joy-Anna’s working hard on expanding her social media. And fans might wonder if she’s preparing to leave Counting On behind to pursue her own goals. It seems this hunch may be correct. According to The Sun, Joy-Anna and Austin aren’t filming with the current season of Counting On, and their family’s pregnancy won’t be a major plot point on the new season of the show. Instead, the couple may make some appearances on camera, but that’s about it.

The publication notes infamous YouTube Without a Crystal Ball also verified that Joy-Anna and Austin aren’t partaking in the new Counting On season. And there’s even more speculation that Joy-Anna and Austin are taking an even bigger stand against the Duggars.

Those who follow the family drama know Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, spoke out against Jim Bob and TLC’s treatment of Jill, and he’s even threatened to write a tell-all book that would air the Duggar’s dirty laundry. Joy-Anna seems to be quite close to Jill, so perhaps the younger Duggar is taking a stand, too. Only time will tell.

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