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For many people, The Witcher first appeared on the scene as Netflix‘s hit show in 2019. Now it has become a worldwide sensation that has people clamoring for the release of the second season. The first book the show is based on was published in 1992, and since then, the fan base has only grown through the wildly successful game trilogy of the same name, made by the CD Projekt Red.

Maybe you, a friend, or a family member who’s played the video games and/or book series bounced up and down a little when the season 2 teaser trailer showed Ciri and Geralt at Kaer Morhen, the mysterious home of the Witchers. Get the breakdown and details you might have missed.

Why is Kaer Morhen a big deal in ‘The Witcher’?

Geralt of Rivia on 'The Witcher'
Geralt of Rivia on ‘The Witcher’ | Katalin Vermes/Netflix

In the story, Geralt, not knowing what to do with a girl, does what he would have done with a boy and takes her to Kaer Morhen to train her in the way of the School of the Wolf, according to Screenrant.

Kaer Morhen was once a complete castle, hidden high in the mountains of Kaedwen. Before it was attacked and almost destroyed, it was home to 23 Witchers and 40 students. The castle was attacked by a mob of people who feared and hated Witchers, including several Mages. They ransacked the castle and deliberately set out to destroy the equipment used to perform things like the Trial of the Grasses. This is a critical and dangerous stage in Witcher training; only four of 10 boys survive, giving Witchers their mutations — like heightened senses, lightning-fast reflexes, and in Geralt’s case, white hair. 

By the time we join Geralt on his quest, the castle is already in ruins and only a few Witchers from the School of the Wolf remain. 

Only fractions of Kaer Morhen still stand, and as only one Witcher, Vesemir, is known to make it his permanent home, the state of Kaer Morhen only grows worse. 

Which storyline will ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 follow?

It’s hard to know which source the show will lean toward when it comes to Kaer Morhen, if either. Though producers have said that they are not following the video game’s version of the tale, they have taken several cues from it, such as Henry Cavill‘s imitation of Doug Cockle’s voice.

But since The Witcher Netflix show has already diverted from the book’s telling of Geralt’s tale — as did CD Projekt Red when they adapted the book series — it is impossible to say for sure what will happen next. There are some things that we can be reasonably sure of with its appearance.  

So what can fans expect at Kaer Morhen on ‘The Witcher’?


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The arrival of Kaer Morhen on the scene certainly means that we can expect to meet more Witchers that fans may be familiar with, like Vesemir, Geralt’s teacher and father figure, and Eskel and Lambert, who are like his brothers. We can also expect to see Ciri grow under the care of the Witchers, who will teach her to become strong and resourceful. Though not without struggle, many of them will come to be like family to her.

Season 2 will almost certainly explain more of Geralt’s origin, as Kaer Morhen and Ciri’s training present the perfect backdrop to teach us a lot about Witchers, how they are made, and why they do what they do. In both the games and books, Kaer Morhen is the only thing Geralt has to call home, and throughout the events of Ciri’s story, it becomes her home as well; no matter where her journey takes her, she dreams of returning to the steps of Kaer Morhen with Geralt. 

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