Kaley Cuoco Has so Many Pets, Including a Bunny That Only Flies Private

Kaley Cuoco rose to fame in the mid-2000s on The Big Bang Theory as the popular, blonde neighbor. Unlike many stars who become famous for a certain role, Cuoco has never tried to distance herself from the character and has been open about how much she loved appearing on the show and how close she is to her co-stars.

Cuoco has also achieved fame for her other passion in life. Besides acting, she has a love for animals. Cuoco has lots of animal friends and her husband is also an animal lover. The most persistent rumor surrounding Cuoco is that her pet rabbit flies First Class.

How many animals does Kaley Cuoco have?

Kaley Cuoco attends the premiere of 20th Century Fox's "Why Him?" at Regency Bruin Theater.
Kaley Cuoco | Mike Windle/Getty Images

Cuoco’s love of animals began many years ago. Her Instagram account features pictures of her pets, including a multitude of dogs and horses.

The pet that she has had the longest is her dog Norman, whom she’s had for nearly fifteen years. Cuoco has admitted that “he’s everything” to her and that she wants to get a tattoo of his face.

In addition to Norman, Cuoco and her husband, Karl Cook, have a pit bull mix named Blueberry, another pit mix named Shirley, a small white terrier named Ruby, and a bulldog named Tank.

She has a deep love of horses and she and Cook own a stable full of show horses. All of their horses aren’t tall and stately: Cuoco also has an adorable mini horse named Shmooshy.

She also owns a few more exotic pets, such as a goat and a pet bunny.

Kaley Cuoco and her husband share a love of animals

Cuoco had been unlucky in love before: Her marriage to Ryan Sweeting was notoriously problematic, and the pair ended up divorcing in 2016, only a few years after they first tied the knot. Cuoco found lasting happiness with equestrian Karl Cook only a few months after her divorce from Sweeting.

The pair first met at a horse show and quickly formed a bond over their shared love of all animals. Cuoco and Cook got married in June 2018 and, of course, they had to involve their animal friends in their wedding ceremony

The couple loves to share pictures of each other on social media. Cuoco has raved about how great her relationship with Cook is, saying that they were “meant to be.”

Does Kaley Cuoco’s rabbit really fly in luxury?

Cuoco recently appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s new talk show and opened up about her animals. Clarkson decided to test her knowledge and see if she could remember the names of all of her pets. Cuoco was up to the challenge and played the game, correctly identifying every single one of her pets, giving a special shout-out to Norman, whom she dubbed the love of her life. 

One of the pictures that popped up during the game featured Cuoco’s pet bunny, Simon, nestled in a carrier that was situated on a private plane. Cuoco joked that the rabbit “clearly only flies private,” as the audience cracked up at the picture of the adorable bunny.

Cuoco has a real fondness for rabbits and frequently shares shots of her brood to Instagram. Whether or not the rabbit actually flies private on a regular basis is not clear; however, it definitely looked as though Cuoco wanted to bring her little friend along for the ride in that instance.