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Not every movie can be a masterpiece, but there are some films that completely missed the mark. Some of Hollywood‘s most well-known and respected actors have found themselves amidst a blunder or two. This was, unfortunately, the case for Kate Beckinsale back in 2016.

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Kate Beckinsale | Rich Fury/Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale’s embarrassing 2016 thriller lost millions and has a zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes 

Beckinsale is considered a high-profile A-lister for a reason, but, like everyone else, she definitely isn’t perfect. This came to light back in 2016 when The Disappointments Room was released. 

The rated R movie that was based on true events was far from a hit. Appearing as Dana Barrow,  Beckinsale’s character, and her fictional husband, played by Mel Raido, decided to move from New York to a quiet house in the country. After experiencing a tragedy, the family was hoping to find a new start.

Unfortunately, what they found was a mysterious room located in the house and a string of bizarre, unusual, and superstitious events. Though the film seems like it has all the necessary pieces for a standard horror film, everything about The Disappointments Room ended up being a bust. 

With an estimated budget of 15 million dollars, The Disappointments Rooms 5.7 million dollar worldwide gross was a hard hit, and, pun intended, quite the disappointment. IMDb has gathered some of the shocking data and finances surrounding the 2016 movie. 

As if the numbers don’t speak for themselves, the film’s score on Rotten Tomatoes most certainly wasn’t helping matters. With a rating of 0%, it doesn’t seem like absolutely anybody liked The Disappointments Room. As one critic put it, “Despite Kate Beckinsale’s game efforts, D.J. Caruso’s thriller proves altogether worthy of its title.” 

A look back at Kate Beckinsale’s acting career 

Beckinsale‘s acting resume is lengthy and impressive. The actor’s debut came back in 1975 on a television series called Couples. Her premiere on the big screen came many years later in 1993. Beckinsale was cast to play the part of Hero in the production Much Ado About Nothing

Catapulting her acting career, Beckinsale appeared in a slew of movies throughout the late 1990s. However, the 2000s would mark some of the actor’s most memorable and noteworthy roles. In 2001, Beckinsale blew audiences away with her rendition of Evelyn Johnson in Pearl Harbor.

The following year she appeared in Laurel Canyon and Tiptoes. In 2003 Beckinsale was cast as Selene in Underworld, and the actor received an Academy of Science Fiction for Best Actress. A few years later Beckinsale got to work alongside comedy king Adam Sandler in the 2006 film Click.

Everybody’s Fine, a movie centered around a widower’s journey to reconnect with his children, was another title Beckinsale worked on throughout the late 2000s. More recently, Beckinsale’s fans and followers have gotten to enjoy watching her on television series like The Widow and Paramount+’s Guilty Party.

Other films that have also received a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes 


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Fortunately for Beckinsale and the cast of The Disappointments Room, they are not alone. This wasn’t the first movie to have such a shockingly and embarrassingly low rating, and it definitely won’t be the last. 

Amongst the list of epic movie fails are Dark Tide, Stolen, and Constellation. Precious Cargo and Max Steel were two other films from 2016 that didn’t hold up.