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In The Umbrella Academy, Kate Walsh plays an in-charge, relentless, goal-oriented individual who is seemingly lacking in any degree of human compassion. Her character, The Handler, uses people as pawns — all are devices in fulfilling a dream that places her on top of the world (in control of the Temp Commission). With a role as vital as The Handler, boasting a persona so defiant and superior, the outfits must match the woman. And, The Umbrella Academy’s costume designer Christopher Hargadon rose to the challenge.

Kate Walsh of The Umbrella Academy
Kate Walsh attends the Premiere of Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ at ArcLight Hollywood | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

During an interview with Esquire, Kate Walsh talked about her character in the show, The Handler, and also revealed some of her favorite get-ups, all of which worked to augment the character’s status.

Kate Walsh on The Handler’s outfits in ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Kate Walsh’s The Handler boasts several wardrobe changes throughout the second season of The Umbrella Academy, yet she never appears on the screen in anything that isn’t glorious. When asked about her favorite looks, Walsh responded: 

[Spoiler warning for The Umbrella Academy season 2]

Oh, my gosh. Thank you. I loved that red suit that she comes back to the commission in. That was a dope one. And then I loved her young handler look with a long blonde wig and that lavender sort of houndstooth. I think it was when she decides to steal the file from A.J.’s desk and has Five assassinate Lila’s parents. We just had a great time with the hats, and the hair and makeup and wardrobe department. It was like we were in our own little movie making stuff up. It was really fun.


Walsh had a ball with the hair and wardrobe department since she got to experiment with so many different looks — some designed to represent different phases in her life, and all reflecting the character’s evolving, heinous mentality. So, will fans get to see more great outfits from The Handler in season 3? Is the character returning? 

Is The Handler slated to return for season 3 of ‘The Umbrella Academy?’ 

The Handler has now died twice — once in season 1, and again at the end of season 2. Yet, considering The Umbrella Academy tinkers with the space-time continuum, the possibility for resurrection remains ever-present. Yet, according to Walsh, the character is dead for good this time (or so she thinks). When asked if The Handler is “really dead,” Walsh explained: 

Yes, I think she is. I asked that too, but yeah, so far as I know I just did this season. So, I don’t have any future plans to come back, but you never know in Umbrella Academy.


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While The Handler has been a great addition to the series — offering up juicy opposition to the superhero siblings — her days of well-dressed chaos have come to an end…for now.