Keegan-Michael Key on Playing Meryl Streep’s Love Interest in ‘The Prom’

Keegan-Michael Key will star across from Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, James Corden, and Kerry Washington in the upcoming Netflix original The Prom. The Ryan Murphy production — based on the Broadway musical of the same name — follows a group of Great White Way performers looking for a little good, but not too unattainable, PR. 

Keegan-Michael Key
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So, they head to Indiana to help a lesbian high-schooler who’s being kept from attending her prom. The liberal New Yorkers, who are looking to boost their negative public images, find their hearts along the way. They help this young girl in a conservative town — one that’s failing to see its hatefulness and hypocrisy.

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During an interview with Conan O’Brien, Key discussed what it was like to work across from Streep, specifically diving into his romantic arc with her character, as well as their shared kiss. 

Keegan-Michael Key on playing Meryl Streep’s love interest in ‘The Prom’

O’Brien, when discussing The Prom with Key, noted that Key is playing the 21-time Academy Award nominee and three-time winner Meryl Streep’s romantic interest. Key said that “life is really good” and “really can’t be any better” in response to the career opportunity. He goes on to explain what it’s like to work across from such a notable performer, stating: 

I get to be the wide receiver. Who’s the quarterback? Tom Brady. It’s really surreal. And, to also be…to play the love interest. I would have been happy to just walk in the background and be like, “your coffee, mam.” 

Team Coco | Keegan-Michael Key

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Key is aware of the caliber of the actor he is working alongside. He does not take it lightly, and he goes on to discuss their shared kiss. 

Key on his wife’s humorous response to finding out about his kiss with Meryl Streep 

Key tells O’Brien about his wife’s very comedic response to discovering her husband would kiss Streep in the movie. Key said:

We share a kiss. We have a kiss in the movie. And, my wife, she knows what I do for a living. She’s in the business…And, I was like, “oh, I’m gonna kiss Meryl Streep.” And, she goes, “You better go get that DNA! She was like, “Get that DNA!”

Team Coco | Keegan-Michael Key

O’Brien notes that such a comment is “so creepy,” as the two laugh it off. As for “getting that DNA,” viewers will get to see Streep and Key lock lips when the movie releases on Netflix in December. And, get ready to see the whole cast singing and dancing in a movie bound to lift spirits.