Keith Richards Listened to 3 Songs From This Mick Jagger Album and Gave Up

The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger has co-written some of the most acclaimed songs in history. Despite this, his longtime songwriting partner, Keith Richards, hates some of his solo material. He gave up listening to one of Jagger’s solo albums three songs in. During an interview, Richards revealed what he thinks of Jagger’s solo work as a whole and how it compared to his work with The Rolling Stones.

What Keith Richards thought about Mick Jagger creating songs without The Rolling Stones

During an interview with Alan di Perna of Guitar World, Richards discussed Jagger’s solo work. “I think that everybody — with the possible exception of Mick himself — has learned the lesson that Mick Jagger’s really good when he’s with The Rolling Stones,” Richards said. “But when he ain’t, I don’t think anybody gives a f—–‘ toss. Whether he gets the message or not. Obviously, he does.”

Subsequently, di Perna asked Richards what he thought of Jagger’s solo album Goddess in the Doorway. “What, Dog S— in the Doorway?” Richards replied. “I listened to three tracks and gave up on it. Sometimes you wonder. With the Stones he’s great. It’s best to keep him on a short leash.” He went on to say Jagger plays the electric guitar as poorly as Bob Dylan.

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What Mick Jagger said made ‘Goddess in the Doorway’ different from the music he made with The Rolling Stones

Interestingly, Jagger gave an interview to Paul Du Noyer’s website when he was promoting Goddess in the Doorway. Jagger said Goddess in the Doorway was more emotional than his usual material. Jagger revealed this was because it was a solo record.

“If you’re doing a solo album you’re asked to do more,” he said. “You’re not reliant on anybody else for support, you’re not influenced, and you’re not shy of opening up. Whereas if you’re with a little gang, you’ve got your little codes and you don’t want to be too open. When you’re on your own you feel you can allow yourself that.”

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The way the world reacted to ‘Goddess in the Doorway’ and its songs

Regardless of what Richards and Jagger thought of Goddess in the Doorway, it was a minor chart success. The album reached No. 39 on the Billboard 200, staying on the chart for eight weeks. Notably, none of the singles from Goddess in the Doorway charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

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Goddess in the Doorway was somewhat popular in the United Kingdom as well. The Official Charts Company reports the album hit No. 44 in the U.K., remaining on the chart for five weeks. One of the singles from Goddess in the Doorway, “Visions of Paradise,” found an audience in the U.K. It reached No. 43 there, staying on the chart for two weeks. While Richards was critical of Goddess in the Doorway, it made an impact.