Kelly Clarkson Eats This Each Day To Maintain Her Almost 40-Pound Weight Loss

Everyone has been talking about Kelly Clarkson’s recent weight loss. The Kelly Clarkson Show star has lost 37 pounds this year. The singer and author has struggled with her weight for years and was finally motivated to do something about it.

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

While Clarkson’s slimmer appearance has tongues wagging about how great she looks, what excites her most is no longer having to take medication for the thyroid condition that caused her initial weight gain. With this as a constant motivation to keep the weight off, the 37-year-old is extra vigilant about what she puts in her mouth.

Get more information on what Clarkson eats on a daily basis to keep her success going.

She keeps a body-positive attitude

As much as she loves looking great, that’s not why Kelly Clarkson works on losing weight. She shared with Extra last year about the health journey she’s been on.

“I did it for this autoimmune disease that I had and I had a thyroid issue, and now all my levels are back up. I’m not on medicine anymore…”

She also feels a purpose in helping people to genuinely feel good about the skin they’re in. She spoke with Redbook in 2017 about the importance of caring for one’s own health because it’s not going to be important to anyone else.

“…No one actually cares about your health. They just care about aesthetics. It’s when I’m fat that I’m happy. People think, Oh, there’s something wrong with her. She’s putting on weight. I’m like, ‘Oh, no! I’m sorry, but that represents happiness in my emotional world.’”

What she doesn’t eat anymore

The Stronger singer praises Dr. Steven Gundry’s book, The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in ‘Healthy’ Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain for her weight loss. The protocol outlined in the book also helped to relieve her thyroid condition and get her off the daily medications she was dependent upon.

She told the Today show last year, “I had an autoimmune disease and a thyroid problem that started in like 2006. I read this book…it might not work for you but it worked wonderfully. Here’s the best part, ya’ll…I’m not on my medicine anymore. My bloodwork came back and I haven’t been on my medicine since like February.”

On Clarkson’s Do Not Eat list: refined starches like pasta, rice, and bread; beans, lentils and peas; soy foods like edamame and tofu; dairy products such as ice creams, yogurts, and cheese; diet soda and artificial sweeteners; all other fruit besides berries; and an extensive list of vegetables.

What Clarkson does eat now

The list of what followers of the diet can’t eat on the diet is long, but the list of Do Eat foods is just as lengthy, and The Voice judge loves it.

Clarkson can, for example, still have wine, cake, even fried chicken. But, she modifies her choices by cooking with tapioca and almond flour. The mother of two can also have avocados, dark chocolate, macadamia nuts, goat cheese, dairy-free ice cream, berries, poultry, champagne, lobster, and much more. 

“For me, when I’m skinny is usually when I’m not doing well,” she told Redbook. “If you gauge your life on what other people think, you’re going to be in a constant state of panic trying to please everyone. People should just concentrate on their own lives and their own health and their own happiness, and whatever that looks like for you, be happy with it.”

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