Kelsey Asbille Is Not the Only ‘Yellowstone’ Star Who Should Look Familiar to ‘One Tree Hill’ Fans

Kelsey Asbille has played Monica Dutton on Yellowstone since the series premiered in 2018. Which is how many fans became familiar with the 30-year-old actress. But some fans were already aware of Asbille thanks to her recurring role on One Tree Hill. What many might not know, though, is that Asbille isn’t the only One Tree Hill alum to appear on Yellowstone.

Kelsey Asbille attends the premiere party for Paramount Network's "Yellowstone" Season 2 at Lombardi House on May 30, 2019 in Los Angeles, California
‘Yellowstone’ star Kelsey Asbille | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Kelsey Asbille was just 13 when she landed the role of Gigi Silveri

Asbille’s first TV credit came back in 2005 (at the time she was credited as Kelsey Chow) when she was cast as Gigi Silveri on the long-running CW teen drama One Tree Hill. The recurring character appeared in seasons three, four, and six. And when she started, Asbille was just 13 years old — the youngest person on set.

Gigi first appeared as an announcer on with Mouth McFadden (Lee Norris), and they had a brief relationship. When she returned in season 6, Gigi was Mouth’s intern and she caused problems in his relationship with Millicent (Lisa Goldstein).

After getting her break on One Tree Hill, Asbille starred in Disney XD’s Pair of Kings and had a recurring role on MTV’s Teen Wolf. She also worked with Taylor Sheridan on his film Wind River, which led to the role of Monica on Yellowstone.

Kelsey Asbille is not the only ‘Yellowstone’ star who ‘One Tree Hill’ fans should be familiar with

During Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 5 “Under a Blanket of Red,” the neo-western headed south to Texas so Dutton ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) could learn to become a cowboy at the Four Sixes Ranch.

That’s when fans met seasoned cowboy Ross (Barry Corbin) and real-life horse trainer Buster Welch. The two old-timers were chatting and woke up Jimmy when he was sleeping on a bench. With the focus ultimately on Welch — a Texas legend and a member of the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Yellowstone fans will recall that “there’s three Gods in Texas: The Almighty Himself, Buster Welch, and George Strait.”

But the other cowboy was also a familiar face — legendary Texas actor and Emmy nominee Barry Corbin. He tells Jimmy, “You’ve got to want this life. You’ve gotta want it all the way to your bones. If you don’t, it can be absolute hell on earth.”

Corbin’s list of credits goes back to the early 1980s. And one of the characters he played during his career should be extremely familiar to One Tree Hill fans.

‘Yellowstone’ actor Barry Corbin starred as Coach Whitey Durham on ‘One Tree Hill’

For four seasons (plus a few extra guest appearances), Corbin played Tree Hill Ravens basketball coach Whitey Durham on One Tree Hill. He was also doling out advice to his students before moving on to coach a college team and then retiring.

During his 40+ year acting career, Corbin has proven himself to be a versatile actor who strives to keep “a good balance between comedy and drama.” But the Fort Worth, Texas native’s favorite roles have always been in westerns.

“The western is our mythology,” he told Texas Monthly. “Usually in a western, the hero is a guy who, well, what John Wayne said — ‘Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.’ And that’s pretty much what a western ought to be.”

Yellowstone seasons 1 through 4 are now playing on Peacock.

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