‘Killing Eve’ Season 4 Is Coming to Hulu in July 2022

Hulu will be releasing the long-awaited Killing Eve season 4 in its recently-announced summer lineup. Having aired in late February via BBC America and AMC+, the series concluded in April of this year.

Killing Eve' cast members Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh
Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Now, Decider reports that those looking to catch up on the series can watch previous seasons on Hulu before the final season arrives on the streamer on July 10th

Killing Eve’ is a groundbreaking show

Debuting in 2018, Killing Eve quickly became one of television’s biggest hits. The series follows Sandra Oh’s Eve Polastri who is a British Intelligence analyst tasked to bring down the assassin Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer.

And, in addition to its being one of the best thrillers in recent television history, the show also features a steamy relationship between the two rivals. By the final seasons of Killing Eve, the relationship between Eve and Villanelle is at once volatile and sexually charged.

Fans are still reeling from the ‘Killing Eve’ season 4 finale

(Warning! Spoilers Ahead!)

The poetic final scene in Killing Eve season 3 saw Eve and Villanelle gaze longingly at each other from their separate sides of the London Bridge. Sensing a coming resolution to four seasons of chase and tension, fans were eager to see the pair finally get together in Killing Eve season 4, but production was stalled when the pandemic sent the writers into lockdown. 

When the series finally aired two years later, viewers were stunned to find Villanelle and Eve — and really, the series as a whole — far different than in the previous seasons. Many complained the tone was too different, pointing at Killing Eve’s new showrunner for the series’ new direction.

By the series finale, however, Killing Eve fans were devastated. After finally defeating The Twelve, Villanelle and Eve look to be able to finally be together when Villanelle is shot and killed. Fans of the series went into a massive uproar over the finale.

Many took to social media and even penned alternate endings for the series which saw Eve and Villanelle finally get their happy ending. Luke Jennings, the author of the books on which Killing Eve is based, wrote an article for The Guardian in which he says, Killing Eve season 4 “[bowed] to convention.” Jennings went on to say Villanelle’s death was:

“ … a punishing of Villanelle and Eve for the bloody, erotically impelled chaos they have caused. A truly subversive storyline would have defied the trope which sees same-sex lovers in TV dramas permitted only the most fleeting of relationships before one of them is killed off.”

However, there may be hope for fans yet. Following the Killing Eve series finale, Jennings has promised to bring back Villanelle’s character. The author recently told Vanity Fair, “Villanelle lives. And on the page, if not on the screen, she will be back.”

What’s next for Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer?

Following the end of production on Killing Eve, many fans are wondering what’s next for the series’ stars, Oh and Comer. Oh is currently the voice of Debbie Grayson on Amazon’s animated series, Invincible. She will also be the voice of Mistral in the upcoming The Tiger’s Apprentice, due out next year. 

Comer will star in Big Swiss which has just been announced by A24. The role is bound to be another deliciously controversial role for Comer as she will play a sex-therapy client, Flavia, with whom the protagonist of the series becomes obsessed while transcribing Flavia’s sessions. It was also recently announced that Comer will be making her Broadway debut in 2023 in Prima Facie.

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