Kim Kardashian Fans Can’t Get Over an Adorable Video of North Doing Her Makeup

Kim Kardashian is probably the biggest reality star of all time. A member of the high-profile Kardashian-Jenner family, Kardashian has been in the spotlight since she was a young woman. These days, she’s as popular as ever and is even introducing the next generation to the travails of fame.

Kardashian’s oldest daughter, North West, has become something of a fan favorite with Kardashian’s followers, and recently, a TikTok video posted by the reality star caused fans to run to Reddit to discuss the sweet video clip. 

Kim Kardashian (R) and North West (L) walking down a street in Paris, France
Kim Kardashian and North West | Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian posts a lot of pictures and videos of her daughter North West

North West was born in June 2013, just months prior to her marriage to rapper Kanye West. The two kept North front and center almost from the time she was born, featuring her in magazine spreads and always ensuring that the child was dressed in the very best designer clothing.

In recent years, North has emerged as a style icon, often stepping out alongside her mother to fashion events and special occasions.

In late 2021, Kardashian and her daughter launched a joint TikTok account. Managed entirely by Kardashian, the account has been fairly active over the past few months, with the reality star sharing a lot of cute video clips for fans and followers.

Fans love seeing North in the spotlight, and after a recent video was posted, they took to Reddit to discuss the undeniably adorable mother-daughter interaction.

North West recently did Kim Kardashian’s makeup in a TikTok video

In a recent TikTok video posted to Kardashian and West’s joint account, Kardashian can be seen lounging in a chair while someone, presumably North West, does her makeup. West starts by prepping Kardashian’s skin with foundation before applying several different shades of eyeshadow, all taken from several different eyeshadow palettes full of bold colors.

The finished look was clearly designed to mimic a character from the Minions franchise, with Kardashian rocking yellow foundation and black rings around her eyes. At the end of the video, Kardashian lies back on a couch and gives the camera the “peace” sign.

Although the clip was only 15 seconds long, it’s clear to viewers that West is very skilled at doing makeup, especially considering her young age. Fans flocked to Reddit to discuss the clip, with many calling out West’s artistic ability.

What did fans have to say about North West doing her mother’s makeup?

Even though Kardashian and West might seem as though they live privileged lives, fans couldn’t help but connect with the cute TikTok video that the duo posted. “This is cute … I remember doing stuff like this to my mom when I was little,” one fan wrote. “This is cute. North is obviously very creative. I wonder which of her hobbies/talents she will pursue as she grows up,” another said.

Several fans called the video “wholesome” and commended Kardashian for letting her daughter experiment on her with makeup – especially considering that the reality star has white furniture and curates an image based on perfection.

“This is cute, and North did a great job, this could’ve gone way way worse,” one Reddit user wrote. “I remember (if I remember correctly) that Kim said North has a teacher who goes to their house and teaches her about special effect make-up, so I think she is particularly predisposed for these things,” one said.

While Kardashian doesn’t always enjoy popularity with the Reddit crowd, it’s clear that content involving her kids earns her high marks.

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