Kimora Amour and Adriana Drama Explained from ‘Canada’s Drag Race’ Season 2 to DragCon

Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 queens Kimora Amour and Adriana had a lot of drama extending far past their season. However, some fans question what happened to result in a major moment on their DragCon panel. Here’s a closer look at the drama between Kimora and Adriana.

‘Canada’s Drag Race’ Season 2 had tension between Kimora Amour and Adriana

'Canada's Drag Race' Season 2 Kimora Amour and Adriana smiling as they enter the stage at DragCon
L-R: Kimora Amour and Adriana | Chelsea Guglielmino/WireImage

Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 viewers initially felt some tension between Kimora and Adriana while the show was airing. Episode 7 featured a roast, which is the same episode that sent Kimora packing after a lip-sync against Gia Metric.

However, audiences felt a lot of tension during Kimora’s set. The judges called some of her jokes a tad too mean-spirited that didn’t really include her audience as part of the fun. Kimora read Adriana, telling her that she sucked. Some viewers felt that it came across as much harsher and more direct than any of her other reads.

Kimora Amour opens up about Adriana drama post-‘Canada’s Drag Race’ Season 2

Synthia Kiss and Juice Boxx’s Semi-Qualified Queens podcast brought Kimora onto the show to talk about her experience filming Canada’s Drag Race Season 2. She had some fun stories to share, but she also dug into some of the drama. Kimora referred to Adriana as “Lord Voldemort,” refusing to name her during the podcast itself.

The season 2 queens had a group chat, but Kimora disassociated with it after her situation with Adriana. Kimora wanted the cast to be a unified force that is willing to stand up for one another, but things didn’t turn out that way.

Kimora talked about canceled bookings, which Adriana had a lot of knowledge regarding. However, she supposedly wouldn’t know this information, such as the canceled queens and the new girls who got those bookings.

The management company was brand new, yet Kimora said that Adriana somehow knew exactly how they ran. She further alleged that her season 2 sister had a history of this behavior, according to other queens she spoke with.

The second issue that Kimora had with Adriana was that her partner “badmouthed” her to the other season 2 queens without even knowing about her as a person.

The final issue is that Kimora said Adriana complained about her to Voss in an attempt to “paint me in a certain way.” She further explained that Adriana tried to make her look “like I’m a scary Black person out to cut somebody.”

DragCon panel drama

Adriana didn’t publicly address any of the statements that Kimora brought up for quite some time, but DragCon was an opportunity for them to hash it out. SingleBlackGayDad TV shared a clip from the Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 panel that showed Kimora and Adriana finally addressing their drama.

Adriana explained that she wanted to tell her side of the story and Kimora heard her out. However, she cut her off when Adriana said that she didn’t do any of the things Kimora accused her of. She was determined to let the world know that she didn’t make up any of her accusations.

“When you go out there and you tell a Black person or you call a Black person and you go to the people who are managing you and say that you don’t feel comfortable around them, you feel threatened, when you haven’t said anything to them,” Kimora said. “I haven’t spoken to her, I haven’t said anything to her.”

An audience member accused Kimora of cyberbullying Adriana, which she profusely denied.

Adriana responds to Kimora online

Adriana took to her Instagram story to respond to the DragCon panel drama involving Kimora.

“My issues with my fellow S2 contestant have to do solely with attitude and our incompatibility,” Adriana wrote. “I’m sorry that my request to not be together was misconstrued as something it absolutely was not. Attempts were made and ignored to address the situation in private so I, unfortunately, had to reach out to production after receiving nothing but tweets and reels that I was blocked from responding to.”

Adriana continued about Kimora: “As a Latino, and proud LGBTQIA2+ community member I would NEVER put anyone through discrimination because of their skin or their relationships. I will, however, ask not to sit beside you because you’re being a b****. Please do not harass her or mention her name in defense of me. I don’t want to cause this person any additional stress because of a misunderstanding.”

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