Is ‘The Kissing Booth 3’ the Last Movie in the Franchise?

Netflix is one of the largest streaming platforms available to viewers, launching a wide variety of fresh content every year. Not only is the platform responsible for hit shows such as Stranger Things and Tiger King, but several hit movies have debuted on Netflix as well. The Kissing Booth films are Netflix originals that have enjoyed exceptional popularity, especially with young viewers ever since the first movie in the series hit Netflix in May 2018. The third movie in the franchise recently debuted on Netflix — and many fans are wondering if that third movie is the end of the saga. 

'The Kissing Booth' cast of Jacob Elordi, Joey King, and Joel Courtney attending a screening of the movie in Los Angeles, California
‘The Kissing Booth’ cast | Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix

The Kissing Booth debuted on Netflix in early 2018, almost immediately rising to popularity with young viewers. It was followed by a sequel film, The Kissing Booth 2, in July 2020. The third movie, The Kissing Booth 3, premiered on Netflix in August 2021. The movies tell the story of Shelly “Elle” Evans and the myriad of complications and heartaches that arise when the young woman begins dating her best friend’s older brother.

As a Netflix series, The Kissing Booth deals with serious issues and the more fanciful elements of teenage love. From complications that come with dating and friendship to the necessary problems that are a part of growing up, the series has struck a chord with fans of all ages — even though the films were designed for a younger audience.

Will there be a fourth movie in the franchise?

The Kissing Booth movies might not have been incredibly well-received by critics, but fans can’t get enough of the characters and situations in the films. In fact, IMDb reports that The Kissing Booth 2 was one of the most-watched movies of the summer in 2020, with millions of views within the first few weeks after it first started streaming.

The Kissing Booth 3 is new to Netflix, a film that has been dubbed “the end of an era” by outlets such as ScreenRant. However, many fans are already wondering if there will be a fourth film in the franchise, especially considering the franchise’s immense popularity. Unfortunately, multiple outlets, including RepublicWorld, reveal that Netflix has announced no plans to continue the franchise at this time. Furthermore, the third movie will likely be the last. 

Is the author of ‘The Kissing Booth’ books writing a new novel in the series?


How Old Was Author Beth Reekles When She Wrote the First ‘The Kissing Booth’ Book?

Hardcore fans of The Kissing Booth series know that the films are all based on books by Beth Reekles. Some fans might reasonably expect showrunners to turn to the source material in crafting a new movie in the franchise. However, Reekles has only written three books in the series, the final one titled The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time. Furthermore, in a recent YouTube video, Reekles opened up about whether she would write a fourth book in her beloved series, noting that she doesn’t plan on it. In fact, Reekles revealed that the third book was her chance to “say goodbye” to the characters, as reported by Decider

Despite all that, there’s always the chance that Netflix will decide to take a chance on new material and do a series or movie based on the characters made famous in the franchise. At this point, nothing has yet been announced, so fans will have to wait for some time to see if they will have the chance to step into the world made famous in The Kissing Booth movies.