Kristen Stewart Holds the Record for This MTV Movie Award but Actually Beat Herself Twice in the Same Category

It’s no secret, whatsoever: Twilight isn’t an Oscar-winning film. And neither are any of its sequels. But it did reign supreme at the MTV Movie Awards. Nearly every movie won big at that awards show, and the cast showed out pretty well every year too. And Kristen Stewart? Well, she holds the record with Robert Pattinson for the Best Kiss award. And, she actually beat herself in that category not once, but twice. Skill? Doesn’t even cut it. 

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson hold the record for most consecutive Best Kiss wins 

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) at prom in 'Twilight'
Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) at prom in ‘Twilight’ | Summit Entertainment

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Winning Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards is a testament to the sway you have over the people, and Stewart knows this. In a recent interview with Happiest Season co-star Mackenzie Davis, Davis had to guess how many Best Kiss awards Stewart won with Pattinson for The Twilight Saga, and she didn’t get it correct. It’s four, for the first four films. 

When Davis asked why, Stewart had a pretty honest answer. 

“Oh, again, probably, a really not good kiss,” Stewart said about why she and Pattinson won so many times. “People just really liked that series. It really wasn’t great. Just the slow in.” 

To top it off, though, Stewart and Pattinson do hold the record for most consecutive wins for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. It was always a bit awkward on stage when they went up to accept since the typical custom is to kiss each other. Since they were actually dating in real life, and are genuinely awkward people, it never turned out great.  

Stewart has also been nominated for ‘The Runaways’ and with Taylor Lautner in ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ in that category

But, you see, the ploy is to play it off like you know it’s awkward. Which they did perfectly. They leaned into the weirdness of it all. And one year, Pattinson even went into the audience and “made out” with co-star Taylor Lautner. It was the forbidden romance everyone wanted to see on camera but never got to, of course. 

Speaking of Lautner, he was nominated with Stewart in 2011 for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse for their epically divisive smooch on top of the mountain in the third installment of the series. The one where he threatens to kill himself if she doesn’t kiss him.

And in 2010, Stewart had been nominated for Best Kiss for her role as Joan Jett in The Runaways, in which she shared a kiss with Dakota Fanning. She played Cherie Currie.

Pattinson wanted to re-do the ‘Twilight’ kissing scene if he could  ]

Even though Stewart doesn’t remember anything out of the ordinary enough or superb enough to win a Best Kiss award for these Twilight smooches, the fans of course voted for them. Which makes sense; Twihards at the time were a massive fandom and definitely stood by their favorite movie. 

And, funny enough, in 2012, the one scene that Pattinson would re-do if he could was actually one of the kissing scenes. The very first one, to be exact. 

“Yeah, we reshot it twice,” Pattinson told MTV News about the big kiss scene in the first Twilight. “I messed it up again. It’s hard though. That was a hard scene. That was the audition scene as well. But, it’s like in order… I don’t know. It’s just a difficult one.”

Stewart said that it was “very complex,” and the reason was because Pattinson kept jumping the gun when it came to Edward pulling away from Bella when he got too into the kiss. 

“I was always kind of preempting — the pullback — so I’m not sort of leaping away correctly,” Pattinson said.

Regardless of how he liked the end product or not, it went on to win the first of four record-breaking kisses and was the start of a massive franchise. 

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