Lady Gaga’s Taco Bell Wardrobe Includes a $30M Tiffany Diamond

Lady Gaga is one of the most recognizable names in the music industry today. She’s been topping charts for years now. She recently catapulted into a new level of success after her stellar performance alongside Bradley Cooper in the most recent remake of the classic film, A Star is Born.

On top of her talent in acting and singing, Lady Gaga has often made it into the headlines for her fashion choices, which have tended to lean toward eccentric. She shed her quirky looks for last year’s Oscars but has a hilarious story to tell about accidentally wearing the most expensive piece of jewelry in Oscar history to a greasy fast-food restaurant.

Lady Gaga’s interesting fashion choices

Putting her music aside, one of the main topics that get people talking about Lady Gaga is what she’s wearing. In the past, she’s made some bold and unique fashion choices which her critics love to hate. Although she’s toned it down a bit in recent years, nobody could ever forget some of the terrifying fashion choices she’s made in the past. 

Who could forget Gaga’s dress for the 2010 VMAs, which was made entirely of strips of raw meat? Many people were disgusted by the infamous “meat dress” and Gaga even received outrage from PETA and other animal rights groups for that choice. Although, she did explain that she was making a political statement.

She’s also gone on stage wearing nothing but fishnet stockings and a wig that was made entirely of human hair. Another time, she wore fake, rotting teeth to a red carpet event — the meaning behind the teeth is still a mystery. Lady Gaga clearly uses her fashion choices to try to make a statement, and she’s certainly succeeded.

The $30 million diamond Oscar look

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At the 2019 Oscar Awards ceremony, Lady Gaga toned down her look. She was nominated (and won!) in the Best Song category for “Shallows,” the song she performs with Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born.

For this ceremony, Lady Gaga wore an elegant black Alexander McQueen gown and looked stunning with her hair pulled back. However, the real show-stopper was her jewelry.

Lady Gaga made history that night by arriving wearing a beautiful 128-carat Tiffany diamond necklace valued at $30 million, the most expensive piece of jewelry to ever make an appearance at the event. The yellow diamond is one of the largest in the world.

The beautiful piece of jewelry is usually locked away at the Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue, and the last time it was ever worn was by legendary actress Audrey Hepburn, in publicity photos taken to promote Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It had never before been worn on the red carpet and has only been worn by 4 people (including Lady Gaga) in history.

Lady Gaga wore the historic diamond to Taco Bell

Lady Gaga attends the 91st Annual Academy Awards on February 24, 2019
Lady Gaga | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The mind-blowingly expensive necklace was an appropriate look for Lady Gaga’s appearance at the Oscars. But after the ceremony, she strutted around wearing the jewels to a much less glamorous affair — a trip to fast food joint, Taco Bell.

Apparently, Lady Gaga forgot that she still had the $30 million diamond around her neck when she left the ceremony without telling anyone. She wore it around all night, but Tiffany’s security staff, assigned to guard the expensive jewel with their life, finally caught her to take back their precious goods as she was headed to Taco Bell.

“Eventually, when we were heading to Taco Bell, my car was pulled over and Tiffany’s security politely removed it from my neck!,” she was quoted as saying.

It was probably a good thing — we wouldn’t have wanted the diamond to get stained with Mild Sauce!