‘Legacies’: Candice King Reveals She Would’ve Returned as Caroline for Season 5

Fans of The Vampire Diaries Universe were devastated to learn that The CW canceled Legacies before it could reach a fifth season. The news seemingly ended the TVDU, but creator Julie Plec planned for this, and the Legacies series finale wrapped up many storylines. However, the final episode of Legacies also featured the return of Candice King as Caroline Forbes, giving viewers a tease of what could have been.

Candice King, in character as Caroline Forbes in the 'Legacies' series finale, wears a white suit jacket over a light blue shirt.
Candice King as Caroline Forbes | Photo: Ben Adams/The CW

Candice King reprised her role as Caroline Forbes in the ‘Legacies’ series finale

There were rumors among the Legacies fandom in the weeks leading up to the show’s final episode regarding Candice King returning as her The Vampire Diaries character, Caroline. And the audience was thrilled to learn that the speculation was true when the actor graced their television screens on June 16.

Fans last saw Caroline in The Originals Season 5, where she said goodbye to Klaus before he died. Jump ahead a few years, and she finally returned to Mystic Falls during the Legacies series finale. Alaric stepped down as the headmaster of the Salvatore School and appointed Caroline his successor.

The show ended with the promise of a brighter future for the students with Caroline in charge. Unfortunately, fans will never see what happens next since The CW canceled Legacies.

The actor shares that she would’ve returned in a possible season 5

During an interview with TVLine following the Legacies series finale, Candice King opened up about the probability of playing Caroline again had the network renewed the show for a fifth season.

“Oh, 100 percent yes,” the actor admitted. “This really had been in the works for a long time. With The Vampire Diaries, I worked throughout my pregnancy and my first year of my daughter being alive. I spent many, many hours away from my baby. I was back on screen six weeks to the day after Florence was born. So when it ended, even though I did The Originals for a bit, I really needed to take a break and be with my family.”

King continued, “Lo and behold, when we were finally gearing up for Caroline to come back to the Salvatore School, the pandemic hit. And I was pregnant again. I had my fingers and toes crossed for a season 5. I was excited to finally have the opportunity to see Caroline play out this headmistress role.”

So, if The CW greenlit Legacies Season 5, viewers would have seen more of Candice King as Caroline Forbes. And we know that the “what could have been’s” will haunt fans for a long time.

Candice King described what it was like to play Caroline again in ‘Legacies’

Although it’s unlikely that Candice King will reprise her role as Caroline in the future, at least fans got to see her one last time in the Legacies series finale.

“It felt like coming home,” the actor told TVLine. “Caroline Forbes changed my life. I was playing her in formative years of my own life, from the ages of 22 to 30, so we have a lot of parallels. When you play someone for a long time, the writers start finding ways to work your own nuances into the character. But I don’t take credit for that element of anyone loving the character.”

King added, “The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies all had great storytelling, which is rooted in the writing. Those writers know how to keep viewers coming back. To be able to write and create binge-worthy TV series is a gift, especially nowadays with the massive amount of content available to choose from.”

Legacies is available to stream on Netflix.

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