Are Lizzo and Chris Evans Dating?

Lizzo is open with her fans about almost everything. She (literally) bares all on social media when she shares photos of herself in underwear. She also opens up about the body-shaming and messages of hate she receives from people who don’t understand her mission. But there’s one thing that Lizzo has been pretty private about — her dating life. But all of that changed this weekend when she delivered her monologue while hosting Saturday Night Live. Now fans are wondering if Lizzo and Chris Evans are dating.

Lizzo wearing a green sequin jumpsuit while performing on SNL.
Lizzo performs on SNL.

Lizzo hilariously slams rumors during her monologue

Lizzo has always had a knack for hilariously calling out her haters. And her SNL appearance was no different. She opened her monologue by saying, “Hello, my name is Lizzo, and yes, I am shocked I have clothes on too.” As previously mentioned, Lizzo frequently appears at live events and on social media wearing only lingerie. This is something she’s been praised for by her fans and criticized for by others.

Lizzo continued her monologue with, “Tonight, we’re going to break the record for the amount of times ‘b****’ is said on live TV!” This was a subtle way to poke fun at herself for her iconic catchphrase, “I’m 100% that b****.” But it wasn’t until about halfway through her monologue that Lizzo really spilled the juice and started talking about her romantic life. More specifically, she addressed whether or not Lizzo and Chris Evans are dating.

Are Lizzo and Chris Evans dating?

An icon like Lizzo deserves the absolute best from a partner. And who better to fill that role than Captain America star Chris Evans? Apparently, fans believe it would be awesome if Lizzo and Chris Evans were dating because they’ve shared many online rumors about the potential couple. Lizzo addressed these rumors during her monologue.

“I want to address some rumors that I’ve read online,” said Lizzo. “I’ve read a lot of gossip online that I’m dating every little white boy in Hollywood. They think I’m collecting members of One Direction like infinity stones.”

Lizzo then continued to talk about Chris Evans and her dating life.

“I even heard a rumor that I’m pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby?!” said Lizzo while pretending to be shocked. “I have no idea where that started. It could have been the TikTok that I did where I said, ‘I’m pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby!'” Lizzo then laughed as she proclaimed, “It’s called manifesting.”

So, are Lizzo and Chris Evans dating? Lizzo never officially provided an answer. However, based on her SNL jokes, it seems that LizChris (a potential adorable couple name) is just a rumor. But fans are still keeping their fingers crossed for a future romantic connection.

Lizzo wearing a metallic blue dress and fluffy jacket during her SNL performance.
Lizzo hosts SNL.

Other Lizzo ‘SNL’ highlights

It wouldn’t be a Lizzo appearance without the music star doing something that changes the way people think about the world. Before wrapping up her monologue, Lizzo admitted that she was a little nervous to host SNL. She admitted that although she confidently sings “Truth Hurts,” she’s actually only 50 percent “that b****, 10 percent boss b****, and 40 percent flute playing band nerd b****.”

She then took a moment to get serious with her audience. “Everyone should love themselves…I Love you. You are beautiful, and you can do anything.”

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