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Loki Episode 4 revealed every TVA employee is a variant, including Agent Mobius. Given his obsession with learning about and tracking down Lokis, fans have wondered if Mobius could be a Loki himself. There are also those who think Loki and Mobius have feelings for each other. But one fan thinks there’s another explanation for why the two have such a quickly close bond: they’re brothers from another dimension. Could Mobius be a Thor variant?

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Loki Episode 5.]

Owen Wilson welcomes Tom Hiddleston to the TVA on Loki
Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson | Marvel Studios

Is Mobius really dead?

Owen Wilson’s Mobius is a fan favorite. The charming character and his obsession with jet skis have snuck into the hearts of viewers. But they feared for his life after he was pruned in episode 4. Loki’s reaction to his supposed death was also gut-wrenching. Thankfully, episode 5 revealed all things pruned go to the Void — a branch that exists at the end of time. There aren’t many people in the Void, other than every Loki that’s ever been pruned. Because as Marvel fans well know, Loki always survives.

And now, so does Mobius! After learning Loki’s location, Sylvie pruned herself to be with him and find more answers about who’s running the TVA. Right when she needed help escaping Alioth’s clutches, Mobius appeared driving a car reminiscent of the Toy Story Pizza Planet truck. It was also a fun reference to Wilson’s other Disney starring role in Cars (ka-chow). They Lightning McQueened themselves away from the deadly cloud monster and went to search for Loki.

‘Loki’ fan theory says Mobius is a Thor variant

Once reunited, Sylvie hatched a plan to enchant Alioth. By getting access to its memories, Sylvie thought she could find answers about who’s running the TVA. Moments before attacking the beast, Loki and Mobius share an intimate hug. Mobius smirks at Sylvie and says, “You’re my favorite.” And it made for an emotional and memorable moment for the series. (It also really helped all of the Loki and Mobius shippers out there.)

One fan on Reddit thinks Loki and Mobius do share a special connection because Mobius is a Thor variant. The blonde hair and his general demeanor and humor make it seem like a fair guess. They wrote:

“Personal theory: Mobius is…(drumroll)… Thor. Not Loki, Thor. The expected path is that they re setting Mobius up to be a Loki, but really think about it, Mobius isn’t anything like a Loki. He is honest, brutally so even, he even seems to feel kind of bad when telling our Loki the lie that Sylvie is dead. He has also always seemed to have a spot of affection for Loki, both ours and Sylvie, trying to help them both emotionally (various conversations about the nature of his personality and the Lady Sif loop) and physically (giving him the chance to ‘save’ himself by catching Sylvie, trying to assist with Sylvie’s escape. Saving Sylvie in this episode. He has since the beginning of the episode shown that his personality values truth, honesty, and ‘doing the right thing.’ However, we see in this episode that after being shown the lie he has believed for so long, his response is to ‘burn it down,’ a response of vengeful justice from ‘the god of thunder’ perhaps?”

'Loki' with Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Owen Wilson as Mobius on Disney+
Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson | Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

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Is Mobius a Loki?

While it seems more likely Mobius was just a normal person from Earth somewhere (he loves jet skis and was drinking an energy drink from the ’90s in one of the earlier episodes), the theory isn’t unjustified. Mobius and Loki do share a tight bond that has developed over a short period of time. And Mobius, against his better judgment, gave Loki the benefit of the doubt several times like Thor has in the past. All of these reasons could also bolster the theory that Mobius is a Loki.

There were several references to Thor in Loki Episode 5, including Thor variants. Kid Loki’s Nexus event was killing his brother. Classic Loki’s Nexus event was about missing his brother. And a Thor variant in frog form was also seen trapped in a glass bottle buried in the ground, just a foot away from Mjolnir. Despite the references to the character, they felt like just that. It seems more compelling that Mobius was just a normal guy. A normal dude with a normal life who committed a barely bad offense to create a Nexus event when the TVA nabbed him and wiped his memories.

We still don’t know who’s running the TVA. But the agency is much more of an insidious threat if it just indiscriminately kidnapped people and wiped their memories for its own gain. Sure, it would be interesting if Mobius were a Thor or Loki variant. But it’s much more heartbreaking if he, like the other TVA agents, lived a happy, simple life before his life was taken from him. He doesn’t have to be some kind of famous variant for his backstory to be powerful.

The Loki finale comes out Wednesday, July 14 on Disney+.