‘Love Is Blind’: Shayne Says Natalie ‘Ran Away’ From Shaina While Filming

Love Is Blind Season 2 had another love triangle. Shayne Jansen was caught between Natalie Lee and Shaina Hurley for a short period of time. He picked Natalie, but that led to drama with Shaina. He claims Natalie ran away from this.

Shaina Hurley tried to come between Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee

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The season started with everyone dating each other in the pods. It got to the point where Natalie and Shaina were hoping Shayne would pick them over the other. He ultimately picked Natalie, but Shaina wasn’t willing to give up.

She talked to Shayne and called their relationship fake. Shaina also told Natalie that if things didn’t work out between her and Shayne, she’d introduce her to another man. Shayne confronted Shaina for saying this and defended their relationship.

Shayne said Natalie ‘ran away’ from Shaina on ‘Love Is Blind’

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Shayne appeared on The Viall Files to talk about filming. He gave a reason why he was the only one seen confronting Shaina to Nick Viall.

“She was very nervous about that night going into that night. It was the first time approaching the Shaina situation kind of. And we knew we had to because the show wanted that to happen, obviously. So I knew I had to confront it.”

“I thought I did fantastic how I handled it there as much as I could for seeing this girl I was talking to and everything like that, right?” he later said. Shayne said he told Natalie everything they talked about afterward.

“They were supposed to have a conversation, and she ran away from the conversation,” he claimed. “She literally ran away.” Viall asked how that wasn’t shown, and Shayne claimed it’s because she’s “America’s sweetheart.” 

Shayne said it was hypocritical because she wanted him to do many things like defend them and still told him he did it wrong. He claimed Natalie told him he wished he had handled his conversation with Shaina differently.

Natalie denies running away on ‘Love Is Blind’

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee standing in front of a table with drinks on the table on 'Love Is Blind'
Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee, ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 | Netflix

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Natalie addressed Shayne’s claims in an Instagram story on March 30. “I did not run from my conversation with Shaina on the beach – I had the conversation with her, but it did not air,” she claimed. “All the cast members were present for the scene, including Shayne.” 

“I was frustrated with Shayne that day because I heard he said something negative about me behind my back to one of the cast members when I was a few feet away, and I let him know I thought it was disrespectful,” she continued. “Several cast members were present for this conversation I had with him.”

It looks like Netflix might not have included everything that happened in the show. But Shayne and Natalie have very different stories about filming.