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  • Shake Chatterjee says Deepti Vempati is playing the ‘victim’ after Love is Blind season 2.
  • He has a new girlfriend, but Deepti Vempati seems to be all he can talk about.
  • The Love is Blind season 2 villain says he wants a “forever partner.”
'Love Is Blind' star Shake Chatterjee speaks during the reunion episode
Shake Chatterjee during the ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion episode | Netflix via Youtube

Love is Blind villain Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee didn’t find love with Deepti Vempati during season 2. After the couple formed a close connection and got engaged in front of Netflix cameras, Shake shocked viewers with the comments he made about Deepti behind her back.

Ultimately, Deepti left Shake at the altar and the two have now gone their separate ways. He’s even moved on with a new girlfriend and claims to be in love. Still, Shake can’t stop talking about his ex-fiancée.

Shake Chatterjee says Deepti Vempati is playing the ‘victim’ after ‘Love is Blind’ season 2

Love is Blind made Shake and Deepti instant reality stars during season 2 when they got engaged. But it wasn’t long before viewers turned on Shake after they witnessed him say several disrespectful things about Deepti behind her back. At one point, he told his co-star that he didn’t find Deepti “physically attractive” and “it feels like I’m with my aunt or something.”

The 31-year-old IT analyst didn’t know about Shake’s comments until the episodes aired. But luckily, she called off the wedding because he didn’t have what she was looking for in a life partner.

During a recent appearance on the Domenick Nati Show, Shake accused his ex of playing the “victim” since season 2 wrapped.

“I’m like, hurt, that she’s playing up this victim thing so hard when we had so much fun, and I took [such] good care of her,” Shake said.

He has a new girlfriend, but can’t stop talking about Deepti Vempati

Shake revealed that he and Deepti have spoken since the Love is Blind season 2 reunion. But he doubled down on his comments about his attraction to his ex. Shake said that he “wasn’t attracted enough” to Deepti to “make that commitment to her.”

The veterinarian also talked about his new girlfriend Emily Wilson, who he just went Instagram official with. He says that despite their relationship being so new, they’ve already talked about marriage.

“We’ve talked about it, yeah,” Shake said. “I mean, not like when are we getting married, but more like, I’m not gonna be spending my time with someone who I’m not ready to, like, commit to big time now. Like, I’m not gonna make it official with somebody I’m not, like, ready to be serious with.”

‘Love is Blind’ star Shake says he wants a ‘forever partner’

Shake insists he was “ready to get married” when he appeared on Love is Blind season 2. And even though things didn’t work out with Deepti, he’s still at a point in his life where he’s ready for his “forever partner.”

“ … I want a forever partner and basically [Emily and I] kind of cut to those points pretty quickly,” he said. “Let me just say, this is the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m like, totally in love,” he said.


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Meanwhile, Deepti has sparked romance rumors with fellow contestant Kyle Abrams. He proposed to Shaina Hurley on the series, but they ended up calling off their engagement. During the season 2 reunion, Kyle confessed to hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey that he should have proposed to Deepti instead of Shaina.

Kyle and Deepti have not gone public with their suspected romance. But they were recently spotted walking around Chicago together.

Love is Blind seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix.