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Lucy Lawless is a pop culture icon. The actor is famous for portraying the vibrant, powerful title character in Xena: Warrior Princess. Lawless rose to prominence in the TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, quickly becoming a fan favorite and landing her own spinoff. Xena: Warrior Princess helped make Lawless a feminist icon, a status she retains today. Though fans love the action-packed series, they noticed inconsistencies and plot holes throughout — notably, a surprise pregnancy in Xena Season 5. 

How many children does Lucy Lawless have?

Lucy Lawless Xena pregnancy pregnant
Lucy Lawless in 2017 | Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Lucy Lawless was born in New Zealand in 1968 and began her acting career in the late ’80s, appearing on TV shows like Funny Business. Over the next few years, she acted in various TV series and movies, including The Rainbow Warrior and High Tide. In 1988, she married Garth Lawless, and a few months later, their daughter, Daisy, was born, IMDb reports.

In 1995, as her career was on an upswing thanks to her work in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, she and Garth Lawless divorced. However, she found love again on the set of her new spinoff, Xena: Warrior Princess, which debuted in September 1995.

There, she met the show’s executive producer, Rob Tapert. She and Tapert tied the knot in 1998 and welcomed two sons, making Lawless a mother of three.

Showrunners worked the star’s pregnancy into ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’

In April 1999, Lawless and Tapert announced they were expecting their first child. According to the Associated Press, Lawless and Tapert planned to continue shooting new episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess despite the pregnancy, with the baby due in October of that year, during the show’s hiatus.

As promised, Xena was revealed to be pregnant early in the fifth season. But her pregnancy’s introduction was filmed in hilarious style, with a doctor confirming Xena was with child, much to the character’s surprise.

In fact, her insistence that she couldn’t be pregnant because she was a “love-free zone” who hadn’t been involved romantically with anyone in a long time echoed viewers’ surprise. It seemed out of left field for Xena to be pregnant since she was a lone warrior who didn’t have a boyfriend or primary love interest.

Still, just as Xena went on to welcome a daughter, Eve, Lawless also had a son, Julius Tapert, followed several years later by a second boy, Judah, Screen Rant reports.

Is Lucy Lawless still married to Rob Tapert?


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Xena: Warrior Princess ran through 2001 before it went off the air. The series has since gained a passionate cult following of fans who love the show despite the occasional inconsistencies and campy feel.

These days, Xena is considered one of the most iconic characters in pop culture, and Lawless is praised for her ability to portray a strong female lead.

As for Lawless, her personal life has continued to flourish. She remains married to Tapert, and together, they have worked hard to raise their children out of the Hollywood spotlight.