Madonna Vs. Mariah Carey: Inside the Feud Between 2 of Pop’s Most Iconic Divas

Madonna and Mariah Carey are both massive superstars beloved by their millions of fans. But despite their similarities, the two pop divas have never gotten along with each other. Here’s an inside look at the years-long feud between Carey and Madonna, and which singer has the higher net worth and sold the most records.

Side by side photos of Madonna and Mariah Carey, who have been in a feud for years.
(L-R) Madonna and Mariah Carey | Jason Merritt/Getty Images; Marc Piasecki/GC Images

Madonna slammed Mariah Carey as an example of ‘homogeneity’ and said she has ‘nothing to do with art’

Mariah Carey and Madonna have a great deal in common – they are both iconic superstars with decades-long careers in the entertainment industry. But the two women are not fans of each other, despite their similarities. 

Their feud seemingly started when the “Material Girl” singer dissed Carey in an interview with Spin. “I was talking to k.d. lang about it last night,” Madonna said (per Culled Culture). “I don’t want to get into slagging off other artists, but we were talking about her record versus someone like Mariah Carey’s – and I think she’s a very talented singer – but we have to realize that the same country that acquitted O.J. is the same country that makes a complete piece of shit movie number one, that buys Mariah Carey records. It’s this homogeneity. But it’s got nothing to do with art.” 

And when asked, “Are there moments when you just say I wish I was Mariah Carey, just singing silly pop songs?” Madonna laughingly replied, “I’d kill myself.” 

Although Madonna undeniably dissed Mariah Carey, the “Always Be My Baby” singer knew just how to respond. Carey is unofficially known as the Queen of Shade. After all, she’s the one who famously said “I don’t know her” when asked about fellow superstar Jennifer Lopez.

Carey slammed the “Like a Virgin” singer during an interview with MTV in London. “I really haven’t paid attention to Madonna since I was in like seventh or eighth grade when she used to be popular,” the “Obsessed” singer said. 

Which pop diva has sold more albums and amassed the greater net worth?

Madonna and Mariah Carey have both achieved legendary status in the entertainment world, but one of the singers has clearly outdone the other, according to a couple of metrics.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Madonna has sold an astounding 300 million albums throughout her career. The Evita star holds the record for the best-selling female music artist of all time. 

Carey is close behind, having sold over 200 million albums. She is second only to Madonna as the best-selling female musician of all time, with more no. 1 hit songs than any other female artist in U.S. chart history (per Celebrity Net Worth).

Carey’s net worth  is approximately $320 million. While her wealth is impressive, Madonna has significantly out-earned her with an estimated net worth of $850 million. 

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