Malia Obama’s Age and How Much Younger She Is Than Dawit Eklund

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, is officially hitting the headlines with a potential new boyfriend. The media spotted her with a man named Dawit Eklund, though they have yet to confirm their romantic relationship. It seems there’s quite an age difference between them, too. So, what is Malia Obama’s age in 2022 compared to Dawit Eklund’s age? Here’s what to know.

Rumors suggest Malia Obama’s new boyfriend is Dawit Eklund

Malia Obama, age 24, sitting outside and looking at the camera
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Malia Obama might have a new boyfriend. According to Daily Mail, a photographer snapped her in Los Angeles with Dawit Eklund. The pair were photographed as they hit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and they were reportedly seen together three times in just nine days. The potential couple was first spotted walking together on July 26, 2022, and again on Aug. 2, 2022.

So, who is Malia Obama’s potential boyfriend, Dawit Eklund? Daily Mail reports he’s the son of retired State Department officer Jon Eklund. Jon Eklund worked at several U.S. embassies in Africa. As for Dawit Eklund’s career, he works in music. The young musician co-founded the record label 1432 R, specializing in Ethiopian music. Much like the Obamas, he’s a registered Democrat.

Daily Mail also notes that Eklund studied at the International Community School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, then studied international development in Africa at George Washington University. He has three siblings, and Vogue featured his sister, Sara, for bringing menstrual cups to Ethiopia.

What is Malia Obama’s age? How much older is Dawit Eklund?

Malia Obama’s age gap with Dawit Eklund might cause some side-eye from those following the Obama family. Malia Obama turned 24 years old on July 24, 2022, and Dawit Eklund turns 33 years old in 2022. That puts a 9 year age gap between them.

Despite Malia Obama’s younger age, Dawit Eklund is sure to impress Barack and Michelle. The Washington Post reports he launched his record label in 2014 and released nine records by 2016. The record label brings Ethiopian music to the forefront.

“Ethiopian music is super distinct,” Eklund said at the time. “There are only four or five musical scales that they play in; each has its own meaning and attitude and mood.”

“With a new and modern Africa, this sort of exchange levels the playing field: You can take from us, and we can take from you, we’re all on the same planet,” Eklund added “It’s not this charity thing — ‘we need to protect tribal peoples’ — it’s definitely a pride point, it feels really good.”

She previously dated Harvard schoolmate Rory Farquharson

Malia Obama hasn’t yet confirmed her relationship with Dawit Eklund. Previously, the media linked her to Rory Farquharson, a fellow Harvard classmate.

According to The List, the media first linked the two back in 2017. Farquharson reportedly entered his sophomore year at Harvard in 2017 when Obama entered her freshman year after taking a gap year. Obama’s ex-boyfriend also hailed from Britain, and his father, Charles Farquharson, worked as a chief executive at an investment firm in London. Additionally, Farquharson allegedly has ties to the royal family.

Those looking to follow Farquharson on social media won’t have much luck, as he allegedly deleted all of his social accounts after dating Obama. Dawit Eklund’s Instagram remains private, though he has thousands of followers.

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