‘Manifest’: Even Michaela’s Apartment Number Is Linked to Flight 828

There are Flight 828 references in almost every episode of this drama series. Even Michaela’s apartment number is an easter egg for Manifest fans. Here’s what we know about the meaning behind Michaela Stone’s New York apartment. 

Several 828 Easter Eggs appear throughout ‘Manifest’

'Manifest' episode titled 'MAYDAY PART: 1' featuring Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Ed Herbstman as Troy Davis
‘Manifest’ episode titled ‘MAYDAY PART: 1’ featuring Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Ed Herbstman as Troy Davis | Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

It’s pretty hard to explain a magical, disappearing flight that returns five years later. The “Flight 828” anomaly became even more complicated when the passengers experienced “callings.” 

Throughout the drama series Manifest, characters tried to make sense of Flight 828 and where they went for five years. This series also included plenty of easter eggs and references to Flight 828 and the number “828” itself. 

Before dying, Ben and Michaela’s mother stitched “Romans 8:28” on a pillow. In another episode, the time on the clock read 8:28. As noted by one Twitter user, a townhouse number that appeared in one episode is 3528. By adding the 3 and 5, the number 828 appears. Even Michaela’s apartment number is a reference to 828.

What is Michaela’s apartment number from ‘Manifest’?

As a New York-based detective, Michaela Stone lives in a New York City apartment. Some fans noticed that Michaela’s apartment number is 414 — precisely half of 828. This is an intentional “easter egg” from the show, further linking this character to the miracle of Flight 828.

This apartment number wouldn’t be the only address-related 828 easter egg in this series. Some viewers noticed that the Stone family lives at 2414 Octillo Avenue. By multiplying 2 by 414, fans got the mythical flight number that sparked the series. 

One Twitter user noticed that this specific house number could symbolize only half of the Stone family (Ben and Stone) boarded Flight 828. The other half of the family (Grace and Olive) did not experience the anomaly. 

What’s next for Michaela Stone from ‘Manifest’?

Aside from experiencing callings and keeping her niece and nephew safe, Michaela Stone found herself in a love triangle by the end of season 3. That was between her husband named Zeke and her old flame Jared. 

During an interview with TV Insider, Manifest creator Jeff Rake commented on the future of Michaela, particularly with her ever-changing personal life. 

“I would never expect Michaela or Zeke to throw the towel in on each other, nor would I expect Jared to throw in the towel,” Rake said. “He made his intentions quite clear standing out there on the street in those final moments of the season finale. So you can expect much more heartache and tension as we continue to kind of play the sine curve of that triangle.”

On Aug. 28 (also known as “828 Day”), Netflix announced that this drama would return for its fourth and final season. These upcoming episodes will be exclusive to Netflix, meaning only subscribers will discover what’s next for Michaela, Ben, and the rest of the Flight 828 passengers. 

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