Mark Wahlberg Clears the Air That He Did Not Give Tom Holland a Sex Toy — ‘This Is a Massage Tool for Muscle Recovery’

The friendship of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg might be an unlikely one, but the two co-stars have been offering up some truly hilarious content for fans in recent weeks. With Holland and Wahlberg starring together in the brand-new film, Uncharted, the Hollywood heavyweights have been spending a lot of time together, establishing a tight bond. Recently, Holland opened up about a gift that he received from Wahlberg, which prompted Wahlberg to respond in order to clarify that the gift was not, in fact, a sex toy.

What did Tom Holland say about Mark Wahlberg’s unusual gift?

Tom Holland at a press event for his new movie Uncharted
Tom Holland | Xavi Torrent/Getty Images

In a recent joint interview with Access Hollywood, Tom Holland revealed that Mark Wahlberg had given him a gift during Holland’s visit to Wahlberg’s LA-based home. As reported by Insider, Holland joked that later that day, he was “confused” by the mechanics of the gift.

“I thought it was the type of self-pleasure,” the Spider-Man actor said. “I thought Mark Wahlberg was driving me back to my house for other reasons than just being a gentleman.”

Holland then teased Wahlberg by saying “I didn’t know you, it’s Hollywood baby! Who knows what’s gonna happen.”

Wahlberg laughed along with Holland, but took the opportunity later to share a hilarious Instagram video in which he clarified the purpose of the gift that he had given his younger co-star.

Mark Wahlberg recently clarified the type of gift he gave Tom Holland

Insider notes that Mark Wahlberg took to Instagram to talk about the gift that he had given Holland. In the video, Wahlberg said that the item is a “massage tool” for muscle recovery after an intense workout, rather than a tool for “self-pleasure,” as Holland had intimated.

“Mr. Tom Holland, you see this? Power Plate Pulse. This is a massage tool for muscle recovery,” Wahlberg said, holding up the Power Plate Pulse in the video, while walking around in a gym room filled with free weights. “Nothing else. Muscle recovery.”

The Power Plate Pulse looks like a hand drill, but is an item beloved by Wahlberg for post-workout recovery. The actor believes in the product so much that he is a key stakeholder in the company, and often acts as a brand ambassador for the Power Plate Pulse as well. Of course, Wahlberg is known by fans around the world for his fit physique and commitment to a strict gym routine.

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are starring in the movie ‘Uncharted’

Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland shared the screen for the first time in the upcoming action/adventure film Uncharted. The film released in theaters on Feb. 11, and fans are thrilled about seeing the veteran action star Wahlberg working with the popular young Spider-Man star.

In recent interviews, Wahlberg and Holland have opened up about their onscreen dynamic, admitting that they loved working together — and Wahlberg has even praised Holland as a “good little brother.”

Although Wahlberg and Holland haven’t acted together up until now, they have actually known each other for a few years. Reportedly, the two first met on the set of The Graham Norton Show in 2017, when Holland was just beginning his rise to fame. Wahlberg and Holland had an immediate rapport, with Holland later joking that Wahlberg gave him the “worst life advice” ever, advising him to spend his new Hollywood money on a Jacuzzi and weed.

Fortunately, Holland didn’t take Wahlberg’s lighthearted advice, and his career is on a solid trajectory that seems to only be heading up.

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