‘Married at First Sight’: Alyssa Calls Chris a ‘S***ty Car Salesman,’ Worries She’ll Come off Badly on TV in Clip from Feb. 9 Episode

Could Alyssa earn the title of most-hated wife in Married at First Sight history? The season 14 participant seems to be well on her way to achieving that dubious honor.

A clip from the show’s Feb. 9 episode shows Alyssa – who insists she’s a “good person” – clashing with her husband Chris over whether they’ll move in together after the honeymoon, slamming his career behind his back, and then complaining about how angry she’ll be if she comes off poorly on the show. Fans of the Lifetime reality series reacted to the footage on social media, with many saying they were over Alyssa’s selfish and entitled attitude. 

Alyssa and Chris argue about post-honeymoon plans in the next episode of ‘Married at First Sight’ 

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Alyssa’s marriage to Chris has been a trainwreck almost from the moment the couple said “I do.” The Boston bride refused to spend her wedding night with her new spouse and then clashed with him on their honeymoon in Puerto Rico. She claimed he was “disrespectful” and made it clear she wasn’t attracted to him physically. Chris, who has repeatedly tried to engage with his wife, has grown increasingly frustrated with her attacks and said he feels like she’s gaslighting him with her behavior. 

In the next episode of Married at First Sight, the pair discuss what’s next after their honeymoon. Unsurprisingly, they’re not on the same page. 

“When I think of, sort of, what I had committed to early in the process, it included moving in,” he says to someone off-camera. 

Alyssa, who is sitting next to him, quickly interjects. 

“I want to stop for one second,” she says. “I already don’t like where this conversation is going with, like, ‘I was committed,’ insinuating that I’m not so [committed].”

“It seems like you’ve made a decision without me that you are moving in, and I’m not,” she adds. 

“No, you can move in if you want,” he replies. 

Alyssa finds more fault with Chris 

Alyssa, wearing a one-shouldered dress on 'Married at First Sight Afterparty'
Alyssa on ‘Married at First Sight Afterparty’ | Lifetime via YouTube

As Chris steps away to talk with a crew member, Alyssa vents to another member of the production team.

“Ugh, look at his hand gestures right now,” she says as he swings his arms back and forth. “Even that, it’s like, it’s aggressive.” 

The clip also features some more behind-the-scenes footage of Alyssa’s complaining to the Married at First Sight crew. 

“I don’t care about other people,” she says. “It’s the way I feel.”

The 34-year-old then makes her feelings about her real estate agent husband known. 

“He comes off as this good guy,” she says. “Well, guess what? He’s a s***ty car salesman who sells houses.”

She also expresses concern that she’ll come off poorly when the show airs. 

“I’m a good person, and if I don’t come off that way on this show, I’m going to be f***ing pissed,” she says. 

‘Married at First Sight’ fans are over Alyssa 

By now, most of the show’s fans have written off any hope of Alyssa and Chris having a successful marriage. And many are over her antics. While some said it was understandable that she wasn’t attracted to the man the Married at First Sight experts matched her with, her treatment of him was difficult to excuse. 

“I get that he’s not perfect, none of us are,” one person tweeted in response to the clip. “I get that he’s not her type & that she’s just not attracted to him, that happens. But geez, the poor guy can’t even breathe without her getting mad, that’s hard to watch.”

“Yeah, she’s just flat out mean to him,” another wrote. “It’s not [OK] for them to allow her abusive behavior to continue.”

“Please remove her off the show. It makes me not want to continue watching this season and it’s not fair to the other couples,” another viewer wrote on Instagram. “I’ve watched MAFS since season 1 and she is by far the WORST wife I’ve ever seen.”

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