‘Married at First Sight: Ryan and Clara Divorce After Getting Candid About Intimacy Issues in Season 12

Another Married at First Sight couple has bitten the dust. Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus were one of three season 12 couples who decided to stay married on Decision Day. But the honeymoon proved to be short-lived for the Atlanta twosome. On July 12, Ryan and Clara revealed they had decided to divorce. 

Ryan and Clara from ‘Married at First Sight’ decide to split 

Ryan and Clara from 'Married at First Sight' Season 12 embracing
Married at First Sight Season 12 couple Ryan and Clara | Courtesy of Lifetime Copyright 2021

Ryan, a 29-year-old project manager, and Clara, a 27-year-old flight attendant shared the news that they were splitting up on their respective Instagram accounts, as well as in a statement to People.

“After taking some time away from cameras, we have reached that point in our marriage where we know it’s better to go our separate ways,” they said in a statement to the magazine.  

“It’s not an easy decision to make it, nor we do we take these next steps lightly,” they added. “Grateful to all who stood by us, and continue to stand by us as we make this very difficult decision. It goes without saying, we remain friends and hope for nothing but the best for each other.”

The ‘MAFS’ couple struggled with intimacy

The news of the breakup might come as a surprise to those who last checked in with the couple on Decision Day, when they revealed that they had decided to stay together. That episode aired in mid-May on Lifetime. 

“I was looking for love and commitment and a partner to start the next part of my life with, and I absolutely think that I have found that,” Clara said at the time. 

But despite the smiles on display in that episode, there were some serious underlying issues in Ryan and Clara’s relationship. Specifically, the couple was not on the same page when it came to sex and intimacy. Clara was eager to consummate the marriage, but Ryan was hesitant, preferring to wait to have sex until he was sure he was in love with his wife. That was causing friction with Clara, who at one point complained that she was “sexually frustrated.” 

“Why the f— are we not having sex right now?” she said when talking about her marriage to the other Married at First Sight brides. “I’m getting you off every single night, and you’re giving me nothing.”

Ryan and Clara were planning a vow renewal 

By the time Married at First Sight Season 12 came to an end, it seemed that Clara and Ryan were on the right track. During the season’s reunion episode, they even revealed that they were planning a vow renewal so that they could enjoy a large celebration with their family and friends. 

During that episode, Ryan also finally told Clara he loved her. That meant a lot to his wife, who had previously said she didn’t think the marriage would work out if he wasn’t able to express his true feelings for her. But apparently, his declaration of love wasn’t enough to keep the two together.

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