Mick Jagger Update: What Health Problems Is He Experiencing?

The Rolling Stones recently shocked fans worldwide when they announced their upcoming “No Filter” tour was getting postponed. The reason they gave was equally shocking – according to the official announcement from the band, Mick Jagger, the band’s longtime frontman, would require immediate medical treatment. His doctors advised him to postpone the tour in order to get the needed treatment and allow time for recovery.

Fans were concerned for Jagger’s health, but recent headlines have shed a bit more light on the current medical situation, and the exact course of treatment for the wiry singer.

What health problems has Jagger dealt with in the past?

At 75 years old, Mick Jagger has been performing for more than 50 years and has incredible physical stamina. His concert performances seem to defy the laws of aging, as he leaps, prances, and dashes over stadium-sized stages. However, even legends like Mick Jagger experience health problems and Jagger has dealt with several over the course of his iconic career.

The 2014 suicide of his longtime girlfriend, fashion designer L’Wren Scott, hit Jagger hard. Following her untimely death, the Stones were forced to put their concert dates on the back burner while Jagger recovered from what was reportedly an attack of acute traumatic stress disorder. A death in the family can cause anyone to suffer health issues, but Jagger proved that he was a true champion, and within a few months of her death, got back on his feet and continued performing.

What surgery will he be having?

On April 1st, reports released the exact nature of Jagger’s latest health setback. According to MSN, Jagger will undergo surgery in order to replace a valve in his heart. The procedure is set to take place on Friday, April 5th. Jagger’s doctors have advised that the frontman is expected to make a full recovery and get back to touring once he’s adequately rested and fit to hit the road once more.

Jagger’s bandmates, while no doubt upset about the tour getting postponed, have been openly supportive of Jagger. Keith Richards, Jagger’s bestie (and occasional frenemy) of more than 50 years, tweeted his support on March 30th, saying that while he’s disappointed about the tour, things need to be taken care of and that they will be seeing everyone soon. He added, “Mick, we are always there for you!” Fellow guitarist Ronnie Wood also took to social media to express his affection for Jagger, thanking everyone for their supportive wishes and saying that they will be seeing all their fans on the road very soon.

When will the band get back on the road?

The “No Filter” tour was scheduled to kick off later this month, with tour dates all across the United States. It was to be the band’s first U.S. tour in many years, and tickets for the shows sold out in record time. Fans are disappointed, to say the least, but there is a silver lining. The Stones have only postponed the tour, not canceled it, so ticket holders have been advised to hold on to their tickets, as they will still be honored at a later date.

That later date has not been announced as of yet, but various news outlets are reporting that the tour will likely pick up in July. This is of course, dependent on how quickly Jagger is able to recover from his heart surgery, and on how soon he feels up to the grueling tour schedule that the Stones set for themselves. Fans everywhere are no doubt sending Jagger their best wishes as the legendary frontman tackles this latest setback with toughness and determination.