‘Minions: Rise of Gru’ Story Writer Confirms if Minions Are Immortal

The cute, yellow Minions in the Despicable Me animated franchise started a whole fandom. As a result, the movie series made room for them to take more of the center stage in separate installments. However, fans around the world continue to wonder if Minions are actually immortal. After all, they’re constantly put in harm’s way in their mission objectives. Writer Brian Lynch confirmed this fascinating bit of information that further expands their mythos.

‘Minions: Rise of Gru’ is the second prequel installment to ‘Despicable Me’

'Minions: The Rise of Guru' Minion Otto smiling while wearing braces and holding a rock with googly eyes
Minion Otto | Universal Studios

The first two Despicable Me installments earned plenty of love from audiences and critics. However, they didn’t quite swoon over the final entry of the trilogy. Meanwhile, they had more mixed feelings about the franchise’s first prequel installment called Minions. Universal Studios is still committed to bringing these characters back for another fun family adventure that marks another big moment for Gru and his yellow pals.

Minions: Rise of Gru is a sequel to the previous prequel, which brings moviegoers back to the life of Gru as a 12-year-old. He aspires to become a great villain within a group that he always looked up to, but he will need the help of his Minions if he hopes to get anything done. However, the yellow creatures go through plenty of physical comedic punishment. As a result, fans want to know once and for all if the Minions are actually immortal.

Writer Brian Lynch confirms that Minions are immortal

The conversation started when a writer tweeted if Minions could die or if they’re actually immortal. Lynch responded on Twitter that they can’t die. No matter what amount of physical punishment they go through, it’s literally impossible for the adorable, yellow creatures to die.

This makes a lot of sense retrospectively. Gru has an entire army of Minions that show up throughout the Despicable Me franchise and he constantly uses them to do his bidding. No wonder why the villain doesn’t appear very worried to put them in harm’s way. Rather, the Minions are immortal beings that can take unimaginable punishment and keep on moving forward.

Franchise fans inquire about how they survive lethal situations

Other fans of the Minions followed up through the Twitter thread to ask follow-up questions. They wanted to know how they would survive specific lethal situations. However, Lynch stood his ground and hilariously answered how the Minions are immortal.

Another user responded: “Just to be clear here, what would happen if I hit a Minion repeatedly with a very large, sharp, and heavy ax?”

Lynch answered: “The ax would break.” However, the same Twitter user responded: “And what if I were to shove a Minion past the event horizon of a black hole?”

“That happens in Minions 3. Spoilers: It creates a new universe in the Minion’s image,” Lynch responded. The user responded by asking if the Minion would appear dead from his perspective, to which Lynch said, “Nope.”

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