‘Modern Family’: Where To Buy Different Versions of Gloria’s Disneyland Slippers

If you’ve ever wanted to put yourself in Gloria Delgado-Pritchett’s shoes, or slippers, now is your chance. During one episode of Modern Family, Jay bought Gloria some Disney-themed slippers that were “so yellow and so ugly” but oh so comfortable. 

That was the “Disneyland” special of ABC’s comedy series.

'Modern Family' cast in the episode titled 'Disneyland'
ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ episode titled ‘Disneyland’ | Peter “Hopper” Stones / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The ‘Modern Family’ characters visited Disneyland during season 3

Throughout Modern Family, Gloria shared her love for heels, saying her toes have been numb since her Quinceañera. Even when the extended family spent the day in Disneyland, this character wore heels. 

Although she would never say anything to her husband, she was in pain from walking around the theme park. As a result, Jay gifted her with Minnie Mouse slippers. 

“Look, you may not be in pain,” Jay Pritchett said, slipping the yellow shoes on her feet right in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. “But I’m in pain just thinking you’re in pain. So humor me for one minute. There wasn’t a big selection at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.”

“Are you crazy? I cannot walk around in public with these things,” Gloria replied. “They’re so yellow and so ugly. And they’re so softy and so comfortable. Jay, what is this?”

“Thank you for going shopping for me. Thank you for worrying about my feet. Thank you for giving me your jacket when I’m cold. You’re such a good man, Jay,” Gloria continued, giving her husband a kiss.

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Gloria’s slippers are available for purchase at most Disney parks

These shoes are “like pillows,” according to Gloria. The best place to purchase them is most likely the Disney parks, like Walt Disney World and Disneyland, where they have plenty of accessories and Disney-themed souvenirs. 

ShopDisney does have official merchandise from Walt Disney World and Disneyland, including pins, mouse ears, and clothing. However, not everything that is available in the parks is listed online. That includes Gloria’s Minnie Mouse slippers. 

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Where else can fans purchase the slippers from ‘Modern Family’

If you can’t get to the Disney theme parks, there are several ways to purchase slippers inspired by Mickey and Mickey Mouse online. Disney brand, adult-sized Mickey Mouse-inspired slippers are available for purchase on Amazon

These aren’t exactly the slippers that Gloria wore on the series, but they’re pretty close, with a five-star rating from buyers. The same slippers from the sitcom, with the Minnie Mouse bow and the mini heel, are available on Amazon.

On Disney’s official store, ShopDisney, there are several shoes and slippers available for purchase, although none are as big and plush as Gloria’s. There are even “costume shoes” that coincide with princesses like Jasmine, Snow White, and Aurora. 

The “Disneyland” episode of Modern Family is available for streaming on Hulu.