‘Moon Knight’: Oscar Isaac Leaps Across the Moon in First Look at Upcoming Show

The new content coming out of Disney+ Day on Nov. 12 was a bit overwhelming for Marvel fans, but one thing that stuck out was the first look at Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight. Isaac literally jumps in front of the moon in the footage, embracing his superhero name.

'Moon Knight' star Oscar Isaac wears a black suit over a white shirt and a black bow tie.
Oscar Isaac | Photo by Richard Harbaugh – Handout/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images

Disney+ Day offers first look at Oscar Isaac in ‘Moon Knight’

Among the new footage for upcoming Marvel Disney+ shows was a 30-second teaser for Moon Knight featuring Oscar Isaac. In the video, Marc Spector, played by Isaac, struggles to differentiate between reality and his dreams.

Spector says, “I can’t tell the difference between my waking life and dreams.” Another voice, offscreen, says, “The voice in your head, it devours you.”

Most of the footage in the first look teases a dark and twisted series. The video for Moon Knight ends with Oscar Isaac, in character as Marc Spector, leaping from the top of a building to another in front of the moon.

Who is Moon Knight?

Oscar Isaac’s character in Moon Knight is based on the Marvel comic book character of the same name. In the comics and the show, Marc is a former Marine with dissociative identity disorder (DID).

Four different personalities live inside Marc’s head, including Marc, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, and Khonshu. Khonshu is a Moon God who saved Marc when a terrorist named Bushman almost killed him. After this traumatic event, Marc became a conduit for Khonshu. The two voices we hear in the first look likely are two of Marc’s personalities.

Eventually, Marc becomes a mercenary that goes by the name “Moon Knight.” Whether or not he has supernatural abilities or relies on his expert combat skills varies among comic books. Fans will just have to wait and see which version of Moon Knight Oscar Isaac will take on for the upcoming show.

Oscar Isaac discusses filming the new Marvel Disney+ series

During an interview with Good Morning Arizona in Sept. 2021, Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac discussed filming the Marvel show. He said, “I gotta say, what I’m doing right now, I’m doing this show called Moon Knight. We got a month left, and I feel like, so far, that this might be the one where I was like, ‘I was so nervous about it,’ but I’ve just been having such a blast.”

Moon Knight, created by Jeremy Slater and starring Oscar Isaac, will consist of six episodes. It is expected to debut on Disney+ in 2022. Moon Knight will be a part of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only two other actors cast for the show are May Calamawy and Ethan Hawke, but the details of their roles have not been disclosed.

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