‘Moxie’: This ‘Seinfeld’ Star’s Son Is in the New Netflix Original Movie

Netflix’s newest original movie, Moxie, is all about “girl power” with Bikini Kill songs as its soundtrack and modern-day social media as the backdrop. Vivian is the main character who starts off pretty shy but gains a voice through a zine she creates with the ideas of her mom’s (Amy Poehler) youth and the new girl, Lucy’s, tenacity. 

The cast has some burgeoning stars like Hadley Robinson (Vivian) and more well-known names like Josephine Langford. Patrick Schwarzenegger is also in the film and making a name for himself outside of being Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, but he’s not the only actor in the film with a famous parent. 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ son plays a comedic mascot 

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Charlie Hall, who plays Bradley the mascot and peppy M.C. of the school, is the son of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played Elaine Benes in Seinfeld and Selina Meyer in Veep among a ton of other film credits. Hall’s father is Brad Hall who’s a writer and actor as well. 

To celebrate Hall’s Netflix debut, his brother, Henry Hall, tweeted:

My little man Chucky @charlie_hall23 is in his first ever movie and it’s out today!!! Go watch #Moxie on @netflix like NOW! I’m very proud of him and he is my brother :) this is a screenshot of him getting interviewed about the movie. 

Louis-Dreyfus quoted it with a “Yay!”

Bradley, Hall’s character, isn’t really a bad guy but he is buddies with Mitchell (Schwarzenegger) in the beginning. However, Hall told ScreenRant in an interview that “as the story progresses,” he learns a bit from the situation at school. 

“He takes part in something at the end that I think alludes to the fact that maybe he has learned his lesson that sometimes you have to fight these norms,” he said. “And sometimes you have to take action.”

This isn’t the first streaming original that Charlie Hall has been in

While this is Hall’s first Netflix movie, it’s not his first project. He also played Kieran on Love, Victor. It wasn’t a big role either, but he was one of the basketball players who followed the character Andrew around a lot. 

When talking to ScreenRant about one of the main highlights his character did in Moxie — the morning announcements — he shared that he was able to do some improvisation. 

“Especially when Amy Poehler is your director, you are blessed with one of the greatest improvisers in history,” Hall said. “Just like popping in new jokes and new lines was definitely happening all the time with those morning announcements.”

‘Moxie’ is a new Netflix original movie that Amy Poehler produced and directed 

The cast of Netflix's 'Moxie' on set with Amy Poehler
The cast of Netflix’s ‘Moxie’ on set with Amy Poehler | Claudette Barius/NETFLIX

Moxie is based on the 2017 book of the same name by author Jennifer Mathieu. Again, it has a very feminist tone without being too overbearing about it. A la Bridgerton, Vivian stays anonymous as the creator and sole writer of Moxie, the zine that calls out the sexist policies and people in their high school. It also called out double standards and boosted the girls in the school up in a way they weren’t before. 

Amy Poehler is a producer of the movie — it was produced by her company, Paper Kite Productions — and she directed it. It’s the second movie she directed after Wine Country. Poehler also plays Vivian’s mom who inspires this whole Moxie thing with her rebellious past full of feminist protest. 

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