‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3: Who Are the Djinn in Marvel Comics?

The latest installment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced many new characters to this already expansive world. And after Ms. Marvel Episode 3, the MCU got even bigger when Kamala Khan met the Djinn and learned about the Noor Dimension.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Ms. Marvel Episode 3, “Destined.”]

Iman Vellani, who fights the Djinn as Kamala Khan in 'Ms. Marvel' Episode 3, wears her character's Captain Marvel jacket.
Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel | Photo by Daniel McFadden/Marvel Studios

A recap of ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3

Ms. Marvel Episode 3 began with Kamala officially meeting Kamran’s mother, Najma, and her comrades, who call themselves the Djinn or the Clan Destine. Najma explains that they are a group of enhanced beings who were exiled from their dimension — the Noor Dimension. However, she conveniently leaves out why they were forced to leave.

Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha was one of the Djinn, but she separated from them in 1942 after finding the bangle, which would take them home. However, they sensed Kamala when she put on the bangle, which is how they discovered her.

Najma tells Kamala that the Djinn have Noor within themselves, which slows down their aging. They can’t access the full power of Noor on Earth, but Kamala can after putting on the bangle. And Najma and the Djinn want Kamala to help them go home to the Noor Dimension.

Kamala goes to Bruno for help, and he learns more about the Djinn. He warns her that if she aids them in their quest to go home, “some things might go boom.” So Kamala informs Kamran that she needs some time to figure out how to do it safely. Unfortunately, Najma is tired of waiting.

At the end of Ms. Marvel Episode 3, the Djinn arrive at Aamir and Tyesha’s wedding. A fight ensues between Kamala and the group, and when Najma grabs the bangle on Kamala’s hand, they see a vision of a train. The Department of Damage Control arrive and arrest the Djinn, including Kamran, who was trying to help Kamala. Kamala escapes, and she gets a call from her grandmother, Sana, who tells her that she saw the train, too.

The Djinn from ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3 have history in the comic books

Per Marvel.com, the Djinn are a group of “mystical beings with untold power.” Their characteristics and powers are similar to genies because they frequently get trapped in objects and are forced to serve others.

Not much is known about their true origin, but given Ms. Marvel Episode 3, it seems like the Djinn, at least in the MCU, are not the good guys.

However, the history of the Clan Destine is more well known. The Clan Destine were born from an immortal knight named Adam Destine and a djinn named Elalyth. Their many children gained their mother’s powers, and they became superheroes.

And it sounds like Kamala is a descendent of the Clan Destine in Ms. Marvel, making her a part of the Djinn.


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How will the Djinn and the Noor Dimension factor into ‘Ms. Marvel’ going forward?

Although Marvel pulled the Djinn and the Clan Destine from the comics for Ms. Marvel, the Noor Dimension is a different story. This other world has no history in the comic books, but it will likely have great importance as the Disney+ series continues.

Now that Kamala knows more about her family’s history, it sounds like she will seek more answers from her grandmother in Pakistan. And the teen will hopefully discover more about her great-grandmother, the bangle, the Djinn, and the Noor Dimension.

Based on Ms. Marvel Episode 3, it’s clear that the MCU show does not hesitate to deviate from the comics. So fans should prepare for more surprises in the back half of the limited series. But one thing is for sure, Najma and the Djinn are not Kamala’s friends.

Ms. Marvel airs Wednesdays on Disney+.