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Disney + gained a lot of subscribers all at once. The streaming service has had success with original series such as The Mandalorian. Yet we wouldn’t count Netflix out just yet. Though the streaming service now has stiff competition with Disney+, Apple TV+, and other upcoming streaming services, Netflix is still a contender in the streaming battle.

At least as far as Netflix vs Disney+ is concerned, Netflix still has a chance of winning the battle. Find out more, ahead.

Why might Disney+ win against Netflix?

Pedro Pascal at The Mandalorian premiere: Netflix vs Disney+
Pedro Pascal at the premiere of Disney+’s The Mandalorian | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

As is mentioned above, Disney+ has had success with its original series such as The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian even surpassed the success of one of Netflix’s biggest hits. In the battle of Netflix vs. Disney+, it might seem that Disney+ is already winning.

After all, Disney+ not only has newer hits like The Mandalorian, it also has access to classic Disney hits like Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven. The Mandalorian, however, seems to be a big draw to Disney’s streaming service. According to Business Insider, it overtook shows like Netflix’s The Witcher and You in the week of January 6th. This data was provided by Parrot Analytics, which tracks what it calls “demand expressions.”

These demand expressions are, according to Business Insider, “weighted by importance, so a stream or a download is a higher expression of demand than a ‘like’ or a comment on social media.” The average demand expressions for Disney+’s The Mandalorian the week of January 6th were 132,854,167. For comparison, at that time The Witcher had 124,666,284 demand expressions while You had 91,266,140. With this, Disney+ would seem to beat Netflix in the Netflix vs Disney+ battle.

However, we wouldn’t count Netflix out yet.

Why might Netflix win?

Netflix logo: Netflix vs Disney +
Netflix logo seen on the backdrop of Netflix’s Stranger Things season 3 premiere |CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images

Though Disney+ definitely has The Mandalorian and all of the Disney hits on its side, Netflix might still be in this fight. For the Netflix vs Disney+ battle, Netflix might just have an advantage over Disney+. According to Business Insider, again with data from Parrot Analytics, Netflix’s The Witcher passed Disney +’s The Mandalorian during the week of January 13th.

Also according to Business Insider and Parrot Analytics, The Witcher is the more popular series worldwide. Business Insider also states that someone from Parrot Analytics told them “that demand for ‘The Mandalorian‘ was fading faster than demand for ‘The Witcher.'” Courtney Williams, head of partnerships at Parrot Analytics also told Business Insider that she “[thinks] binging will remain sustainable for Netflix.” While Williams admits that “Disney Plus is a beast of its own because it’s dealing with brands that in and of itself have enormous clout,” she believes “Netflix has a brand advantage” when compared with other streaming services.

For example, HBO Max or Peacock, according to Williams, would not have as much “clout” as Disney+ or “brand advantage” as Netflix. Williams also thinks that “shows like The Witcher and Stranger Things will continue to be on that list for quite a while.” So Netflix still has a chance in the Netflix vs Disney+ streaming war. At least if fans of shows like The Witcher and Stranger Things keep doing what they’re doing.