Olivia Munn Once Credited This Food as a Beauty Secret Close to the Fountain of Youth

Actor Olivia Munn once credited a surprising food for being a veritable fountain of youth. When fans commented on social media about seeming changes to her face, she went public with her celebrity beauty secret to quiet rumors of plastic surgery.

What did she say she ate daily to achieve a remarkably youthful look? And do skin care experts agree about the benefits of her beauty secret?

Olivia Munn in white talking into a microphone
Olivia Munn | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Olivia Munn’s Hollywood story started as a gaming ‘geek goddess’

Somewhere around 2006, Munn got attention as a host on gaming network G4’s Attack of the Show! In that role, she came to represent “geekdom” for girls. Or, maybe she represented a guy’s idea of what an idealized “geek goddess” would be, as some fans complained. Either way, it got her a start.  

Jon Stewart later hired her as a correspondent on The Daily Show. Notably, she once said she impressed him with a joke about the Holocaust. Comments like that have led some fans to complain that Munn’s good looks got her hired. And even that is a round-about way of saying she’s exceedingly good-looking.

But Munn has swatted off rumors of surgery that sometimes swirl around her seemingly changing features. So, what did she say was her secret?     

Olivia Munn’s beauty secret: ‘Japanese potatoes that are high in hyaluronic acid help keep wrinkles away’

Olivia Munn with long hair glancing over her shoulder
Olivia Munn | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

We’ve heard of it – hyaluronic acid. Munn previously gave credit to Japanese potatoes for helping her achieve a more youthful look, specifically because they’re high in it.

“I’ve talked about this before and I still stand by it – Japanese potatoes that are high in hyaluronic acid help keep wrinkles away,” she explained. She said she learned the trick from a Connie Chung news report.

She also gave insight into how she prepared the potatoes as a tasty, wrinkle-deterring treat. “I’ll take one sweet potato, slice it into one-inch-thick slices, and then dust it with olive oil and cinnamon, put it in the oven, and do that as dessert. I’ll eat those as often as I can — a couple every day.”

Munn recommended eating the potatoes for the beneficial ingredients – seemingly as opposed to using lotions or taking vitamins. She said, “The best way to get it in your system is by eating them in foods that naturally have them.”

But what do experts say about her beauty secret?

Maybe think twice about Olivia Munn’s beauty secret

Can eating a certain food change the appearance of someone’s face?

Best said, the answer to whether diet can change your appearance is seemingly yes and no, according to different experts. There are beauty benefits to eating certain foods – like achieving a youthful glow.

But most skin care experts recommend topical lotions in conjunction with a healthy diet for best results. Absorption is apparently key for the smoothing effect, so serums and lotions that stay on top of the skin seemingly carry maximum benefit. And some experts say any miraculous perks of hyaluronic acid are overhyped for marketing purposes in the first place.

Turns out, hyaluronic acid is already in a lot of the beauty products on the market — just under different names. So, according to Dr. Shereene Idriss — a board certified dermatologist based in NYC — if it was as miraculous as advertised, we’d all look like “baby fetuses” by now.

In other words, while the diet doesn’t hurt, hyaluronic acid can only do so much. Some observers have commented that Munn’s facial transformation over the years is too drastic to attribute to food choices in the first place. Some commenters accused her of misrepresenting the effectiveness of the food to her fans instead of being honest about plastic surgery.

How did she respond?

Olivia Munn denied plastic surgery

Olivia Munn with short hair looking over her shoulder
Olivia Munn | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Munn poo-pooed rumors of plastic surgery, blaming different looks between pictures to being multi-ethnic, in part. She told Fashion in 2016, “When your face changes because of makeup, it’s hard to let people know that you’re not actually doing surgery or fillers.”

She said being Chinese and white “brings up a whole set of complications that people don’t even think about when it comes to being photographed”. The interviewer noted that Munn was looking at photos of herself and comparing them during their chat, complaining that she’d seen people online accusing her of hiding facial surgery.

In a kind of harsh observation analogizing the response to her different looks to the response to “Lena Dunham getting naked on Girls,” Munn lamented: “If you’re looking bad, you have to cover up. If you’re looking good, you’ve done something or made a deal with the devil.”

Her point was seemingly that the pressure is always on women to meet beauty standards. But maybe in the end, they’re really just darned if they do and darned if they don’t.

Whether it’s the combination of potatoes, make-up, and multi-ethnic features, or it’s something else altogether, Munn – now 41 – has clearly done something effective to keep her youthful appearance. And some fans will likely try whatever beauty secrets she gives credit to.

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