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  • Outer Banks Season 3 spoilers are circulating on social media. 
  • Outer Banks star Chase Stokes asked his Instagram followers to stop sharing spoilers. 
  • Stokes and the Outer Banks crew are “disheartened” by spoiler content.
'Outer Banks' star Chase Stokes poses for the camera at an event
Chase Stokes | Rocco Spaziani/Archivio Spaziani/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

Netflix‘s Outer Banks is currently filming season 3 in Barbados and many fans are sharing spoiler-worthy content on social media, much to Chase Stokes’ dismay. The Outer Banks actor took to his Instagram Stories to plead with fans about what they share online. Here’s what he had to say. 

Chase Stokes asks ‘OBX’ fans to stop talking about spoilers 

On Mar. 9, Stokes took to his Instagram Stories to address Outer Banks fans. “I hate that I’m having to post this again but please, do not post spoilers of us working,” Stokes started. 

He continued: “This is an exhausting process and we have a really exciting story to tell. We are working our asses off to give you the full experience when the time is right. I know you’re all excited and anxious but I promise — it will be worth the wait.” 

Stokes continued his post with a plea. “Please … please respect our process. Not just the cast but also to our crew who is working endless hours to make this show come to life.” 

‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 spoilers regarding a plane crash 

Stokes’ post was allegedly brought on by fans discussing an Outer Banks Season 3 scene involving a plane crash. “There were people legitimately concerned there was an actual plane crash,” said one Redditor in a thread discussing Stokes’ post. “… That’s going to get reported on if for no other reason [than] to assure locals that there was not actually a crash.”

“Call me crazy but all the ‘spoilers’ I’ve seen aren’t actually spoilers,” said another Reddit user. “Like so what we see a clip of them in a plane crash to me that’s not personally spoiling anything.”

Some fans in the thread wanted more spoilers for Outer Banks Season 3. Others said they were muting the thread to avoid seeing any kind of spoiler before Netflix releases new episodes. 

‘Outer Banks’ cast and crew find spoilers ‘disheartening’ according to Chase Stokes 

Stokes post continued, explaining how “disheartening” the cast and crew feel when they see fans discussing Outer Banks spoilers on social media. “It’s disheartening to see them also bummed that people don’t have the ability to just wait and that posting on social media is more important than respecting our process,” he added. 


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“If you see us outside of work, we will always say hello and love to meet you all, but please … give us a little more respect in our workplace and for those people who don’t want to see the show till it’s fully out.” 

Stokes concluded: “The whole OBX family would greatly appreciate you guys if you would help us with this. Thank you for understanding.” 

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